• Salvation or Condemnation Devotional

    Mark 16:16

    Believing the gospel is a matter of eternal life or eternal death. Following Jesus in a life of obedience does not save us, but it proves whether we have faith (James 2:14–26). Thus, we must believe and be baptized (Mark 16:16). If you trust Jesus but have not been baptized, get baptized as soon as possible. If you have been baptized, remember that you are set apart from the world to trust Jesus and follow His way. View Resource

  • Close to the Kingdom of God Devotional

    Mark 12:32–34

    In our day, many people will not preach the law of God because they believe news of God’s judgment creates a barrier to people’s entering the kingdom. Yet Jesus Himself shows us that we cannot come close to the kingdom of God unless we first know God’s law and what it demands. Let us encourage our pastors and teachers in their endeavor to preach and teach the law of God. View Resource

  • Adam’s Fall And God’s Response Devotional

    Romans 5:12–21

    Men and women stand or fall before God based on the identity of their federal head. All people start out under Adam’s headship, condemned to death and destruction. But when we believe, we come under the headship of Christ and inherit all the privileges He has purchased for His people. The only way to blessing is to be under the headship of Jesus Christ. If you are in Christ, you receive blessings now and in the age to come. View Resource

  • The Door to the Sheepfold Devotional

    John 10:1–10

    The complexity of our world as well as its dangers prompt us to seek safety and security. Some people seek these things in the arms of a spouse. Others look for them in a bank account. Many people put all their hope in the government to keep them safe from evildoers. But as we know all too well, none of these things, or any other created entity, can guarantee safety. Only Christ provides the ultimate protection from all that can harm us. In Him we are safe forever from all enemies. View Resource

  • The Light of the World Devotional

    John 8:12–30

    Many people in our relativistic age claim that there are many lights that can illumine the path out of spiritual darkness. Eastern religions, in fact, often speak of people as receiving illumination from Buddha or another respected figure. But Jesus is the only light who can show us the way back to our Creator. We dare not trust any other light than the Light of the World. If we trust only in Him, we will have all of the light we will ever need for salvation. View Resource

  • One Day in the Courts of the Lord Devotional

    Psalm 84:8–12

    Where and who do you want to be? Is it more important to you to be in this world with a high position and much acclaim, or would you prefer to be a mere servant in the household of God? The world and its allurements may be enticing, but all of it will pass away. Only the household of God will remain, and only what we do for Christ will have eternal value. May we all seek to be servants in the kingdom of God. View Resource

  • The Cornerstone Devotional

    Psalm 118:17–29

    Jesus was rejected by His own nation, but He was exalted and made the cornerstone of God’s people, those whom the Lord is delighted to call His children. Because we are His servants, we will also face rejection from a world that loves the darkness, but because we are in Him, we will also be raised up to rule and reign with Him (2 Tim. 2:12a). When we are rejected for our profession of faith, let us remember that and be encouraged to remain faithful. View Resource

  • Predestination and Foreknowledge Devotional

    Romans 8:28–30

    We mentioned in an earlier study that only the Calvinistic (Augustinian) view of predestination makes salvation due entirely to the grace of God. The Lord does not make His decision based on our decision; rather, we choose to believe based on His prior choice of us. This leaves no room for boasting. It is not that God saves us because He knew we would make the right choice to trust in Christ. Instead, we make the right choice because God chose to save us. View Resource

  • Saved to Testify Devotional

    Psalm 119:41–48

    When we are in a right relationship with the Lord, we see His law as a law of freedom. Having been freed from the burden of having to keep the law perfectly for our justification—for Christ has done that in our place—we are able to rejoice in the law as it establishes boundaries that help keep us safe from sin. We find freedom in being able to identify by the law what is truly sin and no longer feel false guilt when we do something that we once wrongly thought that God forbids. View Resource

  • The First Announcement of the Gospel Devotional

    Genesis 3:14–15

    In Christ, our final defeat of Satan is assured, for Christ has already dealt the crushing blow. Satan’s condition is terminal, and there is no chance that he will see victory. Yet just as the devil bruised Jesus on the cross, so he will endeavor to bruise us until he is cast into the lake of fire on that final day. Knowing this, we can prepare ourselves now to be faithful in suffering, looking to the Founder and Perfecter of our faith so that we will persevere when Satan attacks (Heb. 12:1–2). View Resource

  • The God of Peace Devotional

    Romans 15:33

    Many well-meaning people seek world peace, but as Christians, we know that this will not be possible until all the world is at peace with God. The only way to bring about lasting peace between people and nations is to proclaim the gospel. As this happens, the elect will repent and believe in Jesus, and once at peace with God in Christ, they will begin to seek peace where they are. Let us pray for peace and preach the gospel so as to be instruments of God’s peace. View Resource

  • Israel’s Temporary Hardening Devotional

    Romans 11:25-27

    Dr. Sproul also comments, “There is a future for ethnic Israel.” The church is not Israel’s replacement but its continuation that fulfills all that the true Israel ever was under the old covenant—that assembly of believing Jews such as Moses and believing Gentiles such as Ruth. God’s people will always include both Jews and Gentiles. We Gentiles must not pridefully think the Lord loves us more than the Jews, but we must work for harmony between all peoples in the church. View Resource

  • Wild Olive Branches Devotional

    Romans 11:16-18

    As fallen human beings, we are constantly tempted to believe that the reason we are Christians is that we are somehow better than others. Even within the church, we are tempted to believe that we have a monopoly on God’s grace and that others who are not part of our denomination are second-class citizens in the kingdom of heaven. This is a tremendous error, and one against which we should be vigilant at all times. If we find it in ourselves, let us repent. View Resource

  • Who is Israel? Devotional

    Romans 11:7-10

    All Scripture is God-breathed (2 Tim. 3:16-17), and that means there is nothing insignificant in the Bible. Every word was carefully chosen by the Apostles and prophets, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, so we must put in the hard work required to understand each word in context. In so doing, we show the proper respect for our Creator, and we are equipped to rightly understand and apply the text of Scripture to our lives. View Resource

  • The Golden Chain of Salvation Devotional

    Romans 8:29-30

    Augustine of Hippo comments on today’s passage that “God elected believers in order that they might believe, not because they already believed.” God’s choice of us precedes in every sense our choice of Him. If the Lord had not chosen us, we never would have chosen to believe in Him, and because He chose His people without any view to their own merits or choices, His people will certainly believe. His predestination of us means we are His forever. View Resource