• Saving Faith Devotional

    James 2:14–17

    The works that James discusses in 2:14–26 are the works done in obedience to God. While such works can take a variety of forms depending on the circumstances in which we find ourselves, today’s passage focuses on the need to care for the poor. Unfortunately, far too many Christians have neglected the care of the poor and thus are not being obedient in this good work. Consider the town in which you live and see what you can do to help the poor in the name of Jesus. View Resource

  • Noah Built an Ark Devotional

    Hebrews 11:7

    Many people admire Jesus, but few believe in, or even think about, His second coming. At His coming, He will judge the whole earth and renew all things. Ask the Lord to increase your faith so that you will live your life eagerly awaiting the second advent of Christ and all other things that are as yet unseen. View Resource

  • Source of Salvation Devotional

    Hebrews 5:9–10

    The Father, like He did with Christ, often uses suffering to set us apart for His work even though we cannot always see how He is doing this while the suffering is taking place. Look back and consider how God has used your suffering to further the kingdom and ask Him to show you how He will use your present suffering to do the same. View Resource

  • The Witness of God Devotional

    Hebrews 2:3b–4

    In today’s church, there is often a preoccupation with the supernatural as an end in and of itself. Many forget that miracles were designed primarily to verify the credibility of the apostolic witness. Ask yourself if you are in danger of seeking the supernatural in a way that is not concerned with the trustworthiness of Scripture. View Resource

  • So Great a Salvation Devotional

    Hebrews 2:1–3a

    The great message of salvation revealed in Christ brings with it great responsibility. If we neglect it and fall away, our punishment will be immeasurable. In prayer, thank God for the great salvation He has given us, and confess your need for Him to give you the ability to remain faithful to the Gospel. View Resource

  • The Motive of Grace Devotional

    Romans 5:21

    Boice notes that some see the rescue of Christians from hell as an insignificant motive for God’s grace. Scripture, however, is not ashamed to show us God’s zeal to accomplish our salvation. We are important to Him; therefore, how important should He be to us? Take time today to thank God for His gracious gift of eternal life. View Resource

  • A Superior Union Devotional

    Romans 5:15-17

    Take time today to read through one of the gospel accounts of Jesus’ crucifixion. As you read, remember that He was dying for Adam’s sin—and for every sin of every one of His people, past, present, and future. Does such a thought help you understand the depth of His suffering? Praise Him today for paying for your sins, too. View Resource

  • A Sacred Union Devotional

    Psalm 45

    Compare the relationship between Christ and the church to that of a husband and wife. How has the denigration of marriage in our society weakened people’s understanding of the union of God’s people with Christ? Assess anew your personal and corporate purity as Christ’s bride. View Resource

  • The Doctrine of Reprobation Devotional

    Romans 9:14-24

    Many people are put off by the things we have discussed today. Read Romans 9:19–21. Notice how Paul deals with those who objected. The bottom line of Paul’s reply is this: We must bow the knee to God. He has decided not to save everybody, and we have no right to criticize Him. Can you agree? View Resource

  • Foreknowledge Devotional

    Romans 8:29-30

    The “foreknowledge” view sees all of history as some great movie that God watched but did not create. He is therefore not sovereign. The flow of history depends upon the will of man, not the plan of God. This week thank God for “foreloving” you. View Resource