• Waiting for the Lord to Save Devotional

    Isaiah 40:12–31

    As we will see in the weeks ahead, the delay in God’s redemption that the exiles felt was due in part to their continued sin. The Lord would have to intervene in a powerful way to make His people the holy servants He intended them to be. God finally did this in Christ Jesus, but we still wait to receive the benefits of the redemption He purchased in all their fullness in the new heaven and earth (Rev. 21). But these benefits are surely ours, and we must wait in faith for their full revelation. View Resource

  • The Lord Returns to His People Devotional

    Isaiah 40:1–5

    Verse 5 of today’s passage indicates that in God’s salvation of His people after the exile, His glory is revealed and all flesh sees it. God does not save us simply for our own sake, even though that is certainly His concern as our compassionate Creator (Ex. 2:23–25). The Lord saves us for His own glory, a glory that He wants the whole world to see. We must long for that as well, working and praying for His glory to be evident in all the nations. View Resource

  • Beholding His Glory Devotional

    1 Corinthians 15:12–58

    We are not inherently immortal, as the ancient Greeks believed, but depend on the Lord’s sustaining power for our continued existence. If we are in Christ, our souls go to heaven when we die, only to be reunited with our bodies at the resurrection, and we will live forever in God’s presence. We will see Him face to face, and that is the day for which we must long. On that day, we will glorify Him with all that we are, never having to worry about falling short of His glory again. View Resource

  • Righteousness and Life Devotional

    John 3:36

    When we believe in Jesus alone, we are immediately granted the gift of eternal life. There is nothing else we need to do in order to receive this life, and if we think that we must do good works in order to earn a right status before God, then we have missed the gospel. This is a precious truth that we must remind ourselves of again and again in order to really get it in our bloodstreams, as Dr. R.C. Sproul has often said. Faith in Christ alone is the way to eternal life. View Resource

  • Jesus, The Perfect Savior Devotional

    Colossians 1:19–20

    As Protestants, we are not likely to turn to Mary or the saints of years gone by as mediators who can secure favor with God. As saints who still fight against sin, however, we are likely to believe we have to earn God’s love and that our obedience somehow makes us more worthy of salvation than others. Yet if we do this, we are robbing Christ of the very glory He deserves, which is a very grave sin indeed. View Resource

  • The Gospel Revealed in Paradise Devotional

    Genesis 3:15

    The gospel is often called the “gospel of the kingdom” (Matt. 4:23) because it is about the King who crushed Satan and his realm in order that we might enjoy the kingdom of God forever. We who trust in this King — the Lord Jesus Christ — are incorporated into the body of God’s people and are assured of final victory over the Evil One. This is the good news of the gospel, and in it we must rejoice and find our only everlasting hope. View Resource

  • One Mediator Devotional

    1 Timothy 2:5

    “One Lord, one faith, one baptism” (Eph. 4:5) — this indeed is a scandalous confession in our day. We should not expect otherwise, however, for apart from the work of the Holy Spirit, no one can receive Jesus as the only way to the Father. Instead of being surprised or staying silent when the exclusivity of Christ is rejected, we should instead hold fast to our confession and pray that others would see the truth of it. View Resource

  • More Than a Creature Devotional

    Isaiah 7:14

    Other religions may have some idea of divine intervention in that God sends a message through a seer or “prophet,” but no other religion has as radical a view of divine intervention as orthodox Christianity. The Christian faith tells us that God Himself entered human history in the person of Christ Jesus and represented His people in order to save us from sin. We should be profoundly grateful for this act and therefore live in obedience to Him. View Resource

  • No Mere Creature Devotional

    Psalm 49:7–9

    View Resource

  • The Surety of Our Resurrection Devotional

    1 Corinthians 15:3–34

    Knowing that Jesus has been raised from the dead gives us the sure hope of eternal life and the confidence that all wrongs will eventually be righted. We are sure that Jesus has been raised from the dead because of the sure testimony of the Word of God, testimony that is confirmed by the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy, the historical witness to the resurrection, and much more. We can trust the sure promises of our trustworthy Creator. View Resource

  • The Mystery of Christ Devotional

    Ephesians 3:4

    The way of salvation has been the same throughout all ages, but we cannot underestimate the great privilege we have to live under the new covenant. We have God’s completed revelation to His people, and can therefore understand Him and His ways better than those covenant members who lived before Jesus. Let us be thankful for the days in which we live and continually praise God for appointing us to be on the earth at this time. View Resource

  • Trinitarian Salvation Devotional

    Ephesians 2:18

    Adherents of other religions confess belief in one God, but orthodox Christianity alone affirms the existence of one God who exists eternally as three persons who all share the same essence. The love shared between the three persons of the Trinity guarantees God’s love for us, not because we are deserving but because He has graciously chosen to glorify Himself in His triune existence through the salvation of sinners. View Resource

  • Improper Boasting Devotional

    Ephesians 2:9

    Refusing to boast and false modesty are not the same thing. There are falsely modest people who claim to be humble and yet make sure that everyone sees the good they do, even though they might verbally express glory to God when others comment on their good works. If you are seeking to publicize all of your good deeds, then chances are good that you might really want to boast in yourself and not in the Lord. View Resource

  • God’s Promise of Restoration Devotional

    Leviticus 26:40-45

    There are consequences for disobeying the Lord, but He also promises to restore all sinners who turn to Him in faith, no matter what they have done. Until Christ returns or death occurs, whichever comes first, there is always hope that sinners can turn from their wickedness and begin to experience restoration in Jesus. We should never be afraid to pray for the salvation of those who seem the most far gone. View Resource

  • God the Deliverer Devotional

    Exodus 6:1-8

    Even those who affirm justification by faith alone may act as if they need to do more than trust Christ to be declared righteous. Some think that they must trust Christ and go a certain number of days without sinning. Others believe salvation requires faith in Christ plus a certain number of hours of Bible study or evangelism. While these extra things are fruits of faith, they do not justify us. Faith alone in the great Deliverer redeems us from exile. View Resource