• The Cross of Christ: 2006 Fall Conferences Conference with Various Teachers

    As the Good Shepherd, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ willingly laid down His life for the sake of His sheep (John 10:11). All of history revolves around this event, so we must strive to understand its significance. In this collection from the 2006 fall conference series, R.C. Sproul, along with Ligon Duncan, Derek Thomas, and Albert Mohler, examines Christ’s work on the cross and remind us that it is the centerpiece of God’s redemption. Beginning with man’s need for atonement, they discuss the identity of those Jesus came to save, look at how He ransoms us from God’s curse, … View Resource

  • Chosen by God: 2005 St. Louis Conference Conference with Various Teachers

    In Ephesians 1:11, the apostle Paul tells us that God works all things according to the counsel of His will and has predestined His people to receive an inheritance in Christ. However, though all Christians affirm God’s sovereignty and His work of predestination, different traditions disagree on the exact nature of God’s control over all things. In this series of lectures from Ligonier Ministries’ 2005 fall conference series in St. Louis, Missouri, Drs. R.C. Sproul and Derek Thomas explore the doctrine of predestination. Drawing from the teaching of sacred Scripture, they affirm and defend the Reformed doctrine of election, … View Resource

  • The Cross of Christ: 2000 Nashville Conference Conference with R.C. Sproul

    “Lord Jesus, You are my righteousness, I am Your sin. You took on You what was mine; yet set on me what was Yours. You became what You were not, that I might become what I was not.” – Martin Luther In this profound statement, Martin Luther summarizes the comprehensive work of Christ in atoning for our sins. But how did the ‘exchange’ about which Luther marveled take place? What really happened on the cross? In Ligonier Ministries’ 2000 Nashville conference, “The Cross of Christ,” R.C. Sproul surveys various theories of the Atonement, demonstrating whether they actually satisfy the … View Resource

  • Willing to Believe: 1999 Detroit Conference Conference with R.C. Sproul

    How extensive were the effects of Adam’s fall? Was his will crippled, so that he required the assistance of God’s grace to overcome his wicked tendencies in order to be saved? Or was he plunged into spiritual bondage, unable to willingly obey God and totally depend on divine grace for any hope of salvation? And are the answers to these questions simply minor points for theologians to wrangle over, or are they central to our Christian life? In Ligonier Ministries’ 1999 Detroit conference, “Willing to Believe,” R.C. Sproul discusses the controversy over free will. By examining the debate through … View Resource