• Being Black and Reformed: An Interview with Anthony Carter Article by Anthony Carter

    FROM TABLETALK | December 2011

    Tabletalk: Why did you write the book On Being Black and Reformed? Anthony Carter: When I first came into the knowledge of Reformed theology, I was excited and invigorated to share this truth with others. However, I quickly discovered that not everyone found Reformed theology as compelling as I did (go figure). This was particularly true within African American circles. Because of the caricatures of Reformed theology that have become popular in some Christian circles, and because of the unfortunate history of some within Reformed confessing Christianity, many African Americans find Reformed theology in general, and Reformed-minded Christians … View Resource

  • Adam & Eve Go to College Article by Stan Oakes

    Few understand the unique influence of the university; few understand that the university is in a grave crisis. Few understand that the consequence of ignoring this crisis is the demise of America as we know it. —S.E. Kao Ten years ago, without much fanfare, a Marxist professor by the name of Bertell Ollman published a collection of academic papers entitled The Left Academy: Marxist Scholarship on American Campuses. In the opening pages, Professor Ollman announced that more and more scholars are becoming interested in a Marxist interpretation of the world. “Ours is a peaceful and democratic revolution,” he said, … View Resource