• The Providence of God Media Resource by

    Job 42:2

    Right now counts forever because God is in control of all things. He has created a moral universe in which our actions have consequences both now and forever. God can do all things, and none of His purposes can be thwarted (Job 42:2). In this session, Dr. Derek Thomas reminds us that this knowledge is cause for holy reverence, awe, and peace as we acknowledge God’s work in our lives and in the lives of others. He is the sovereign God, Creator of heaven and earth, and He reigns over His creation in glory and splendor. View Resource

  • Laws about Loving God Media Resource by

    Deuteronomy 10-11

    The third section of the pyramid-like structure of Deuteronomy is laws about loving God. In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey explores how God’s laws are for the benefit and blessing of His people and how loving God applies to life in the church by tying together themes of keeping God’s Word on our hearts, being careful, and remembering what God has done for us. View Resource

  • Fifth & Sixth Trumpets Media Resource by

    Revelation 9:5-11:3

    As the third literary cycle continues to describe judgment poured out on the earth, some difficult questions emerge. When the forces of evil appear to be so strong, how do we know that God is greater? In the face of intense suffering, why do more people not turn to Jesus? Why has God chosen to reveal some parts of His plan but not others? In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey will examine these questions and other complex features of these passages, finding hope in God’s sovereign power and faithful care for His people. View Resource

  • Salvation Belongs to the Lord Media Resource by

    Revelation 6:9-7:12

    As we continue to examine the seven seals that John describes in the second cycle of the book of Revelation, God’s Word invites us to wrestle with challenging questions. In all ages, God’s people cry out, “How long, O Lord?” If God is in control, why is evil allowed to endure? Why is Jesus taking so long to return? In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey will navigate these questions and others, concluding that God is indeed in control, that salvation belongs to Him, and that even now He is at work in rescuing His people from darkness and despair. View Resource

  • Blessed by God Media Resource by

    Numbers 6:22-27

    The priestly benediction of Aaron is the great benediction of the Old Testament. In Numbers 6:22–27, the Lord commanded the priests to lift up their hands and pronounce this blessing over His people. By so doing, God affirmed His commitment to bless His people according to His will and by His Word. In this lesson, Dr. Charles considers the nature of this particular benediction and the fact that we can trust the God who pledged Himself to bless us. View Resource

  • The Decrees of God Media Resource by

    View Resource

  • The Ultimate Promise Media Resource by

    Romans 8:28

    Romans 8:28 is one of the most famous and most frequently quoted verses in the entire Bible. The promise that God is at work for our good has provided a foundation of hope for Christians in the most trying of circumstances. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas will explore this well-loved verse and invite Christians of all walks of life to revel in the hope that it offers. View Resource

  • God’s Grace in the Psalms Media Resource by

    Psalms 93-99

    The book of Psalms fully acknowledges the extent of man’s sin in order to magnify the glory of God’s grace. In this lecture, Dr. Lawson continues his study through the book of Psalms in order to showcase passages that teach the doctrines of grace and thus demonstrate why the Psalms are fundamentally a book of praise. View Resource

  • The Sovereign in Suffering Media Resource by

    Job 14:4-5

    The book of Job is a window into the sufferings of a righteous man. It can be considered one of the darker books of the Bible, but that is precisely the reason why the doctrines of grace shine so brightly through it. In this lecture, Dr. Lawson focuses on the doctrines of the sovereignty of God and total depravity in the book of Job to shine a light on why the grace of God is absolutely necessary to save sinners. View Resource

  • Wisdom & Folly Media Resource by

    Proverbs 10:11-32

    The books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes contain the wisdom of Solomon, son of David and king of Israel. After Solomon had been made king, he asked the Lord for an understanding mind, so it is no surprise that we find the truths of the doctrines of grace in his writings. In this lecture, Dr. Lawson highlights the depravity of man and the sovereignty of God in the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes in order to establish that God alone has the authority to bring about His saving purposes in the hearts of sinful men. View Resource

  • All Authority in Heaven and on Earth Media Resource by

    Matthew 28:18

    The first words of the Great Commission reveal that Jesus Christ has been given all authority in heaven and on the earth, and it is by this authority that we are sent into every corner of the earth, confident that Christ’s rule extends over every nation. In this lesson, Dr. Parsons explains how the sovereignty of Jesus Christ is one of the greatest motivations for missions and our greatest assurance of success. View Resource

  • Sovereign Over All Media Resource by

    Psalm 47:2

    “The Lord, the Most High, is to be feared, a great king over all the earth” (Ps. 47:2). God is Lord of all, sovereign over everything in creation, actively governing it to fulfill His good and holy purposes. This session presents the biblical doctrine of the sovereignty of God, explaining how His sovereign providence is a comfort to believers. View Resource

  • God Is All Media Resource by

    Psalm 145

    The final psalms in the Psalter are the culmination of praise to which the entire book has been leading. In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey closes his survey through the Psalms by taking a closer look at Psalm 145, the last psalm of Book Five. View Resource

  • Psalms 91 & 93: God Is Protector & King Media Resource by

    Psalm 91

    From the beginning, God has revealed Himself as trustworthy, the great comfort that drives Book Four of the Psalms. In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey studies Psalms 91 and 93, two psalms of comfort that teach us where to go in times of crisis. View Resource

  • Psalm 11: The Power of Poetry Media Resource by

    Psalm 11

    Psalm 11 exhibits the powerful characteristics of Hebrew poetry typically found throughout the Psalms. In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey uses Psalm 11 to provide us with an interpretive grid that we may apply to all the psalms as Hebrew poetry. View Resource