• What comfort does the doctrine of providence bring to Christians during difficult times? Question and Answer

    MACARTHUR: I like to compare the doctrine of providence to miracles. A miracle is when God suspends natural law to do something outside of natural law, without natural law, and against the grain of natural law. A miracle is walking on water or raising dead people—whatever our Lord did. It suspends natural law, supernaturally invades time and space, and acts in a divine way that has no human explanation. Providence, in my mind, is a greater miracle than a miracle because it is God accomplishing His own ends and His own purposes, not by suspending natural law, but by taking … View Resource

  • How does God’s sovereignty not “do violence” to the will of man, as the Westminster Confession says? Question and Answer

    There is an element of mystery in this relationship, because Scripture teaches that God is sovereign over all things, but it also teaches that man has a will. Lots of people reason that if man has a will, then it must be a free will; but Scripture doesn’t actually teach this. Man has a responsible will. Man has the responsibility to exercise his will as God directs him in His revealed Word. We also know that God has a hidden will that He keeps to Himself. This is His sovereign will by which He directs and accomplishes all things. He … View Resource

  • In Numbers 14 it appears that Moses changed the mind of God. How can you explain this? Question and Answer

    Numbers 14:20

    “To change one’s mind,” in the New Testament, means to repent. When the Bible speaks of my repenting or your repenting, it means that we are called to change our minds or our dispositions with respect to sin—that we are to turn away from evil. Repent is loaded with these kinds of connotations, and when we talk about God’s repenting, it somehow suggests that God has to turn away from doing something wicked. But that’s not what is always meant when the Bible uses this word. Using the word repentance with respect to God raises some problems for us. When … View Resource