• The Everlasting King Devotional

    Psalm 145

    Because God’s kingdom is everlasting, we can be confident that He will overcome all of His and our enemies. No foe can outlast Him, and nothing will ever cause His throne to fall. We should therefore be unafraid that our service to Him will ever be in vain. He will never be displaced and will therefore never lose the ability to reward His faithful servants. That should motivate us to follow Him wherever He leads. View Resource

  • The King and His Reign Devotional

    1 Chronicles 16:31

    That God is sovereign over all is a comforting truth that we must never forget in these difficult days. As we see many apostatize because of economic catastrophes, wars, natural disasters, and more, let us remember that none of these things is happening apart from the sovereign will of God. We do not resign ourselves and do nothing in the face of such things, but we know that the Lord works even in these for our good and His glory. View Resource

  • Blessings for Jacob and Esau Devotional

    Genesis 27:1-45

    It is comforting to know that despite our best efforts, we cannot undo the Lord’s intent to bless His children. Still, we cannot take this as a license to sin, for our evil ways will inevitably cause us much hardship in this life. We should also note that a persistent, impenitent refusal to walk in the path of Jesus can indicate that we are not redeemed, and that if we do not turn from our ways, we forfeit the blessing promised to all those in Christ. View Resource

  • Take Me Back to Canaan Devotional

    Genesis 50

    Though Joseph did not know how God would bring His people back to Canaan, he did have a lifetime of experience to testify that the Lord is always utterly faithful to His promises, even when it seems He is taking the long way around. We must likewise trust that God is with His church today (despite its lackluster faithfulness), moving us toward the day when we will see the full realization of all the good He has sworn to do. View Resource

  • The Kingdom of God Devotional

    Genesis 1:26–28

    Subduing the earth involves anything over which we exercise wise stewardship. Every time a mother teaches her child a Bible verse, an accountant refuses to cook the company’s books, a flowering plant is pruned to increase its blooms and beauty, and so on, we are exercising the righteous dominion for which we were created. What are some of the things you need to do in order to bring God’s glory and truth to bear more strongly upon your life? View Resource

  • Looking through the Mirror Devotional

    Spend some time reflecting on the goodness of God. In what specific ways is His goodness being manifested to you right now? View Resource

  • Probing the Remote Purpose Devotional

    What past or present circumstances in your life have caused you to ask “Why?” Ask God to show you how His good intentions are reflected in these situations. View Resource

  • Pursuing the Quest for Purpose Devotional

    Think about how proximate purpose may be contributing to God’s remote purpose in your life. View Resource

  • Distinguishing the Active and Passive Wills of God Devotional

    Can you remember when God used what was intended for evil to accomplish good in your life? Give Him thanks for those times. View Resource

  • Exposing the Permissive Will of God Devotional

    How has a false view of God’s permissive will affected your Christian walk in the past? Do you have a different view of His permissive will now? How will it affect your walk in the future? View Resource

  • Examining the Preceptive Will of God Devotional

    During the next few days, read Psalm 119, which praises the preceptive will of God as revealed in His written Word. View Resource

  • Comprehending the Decretive Will of God Devotional

    Read Genesis 1, observing how God repeatedly exercised His sovereign, efficacious will in creation. View Resource

  • Understanding Free Will Devotional

    Is your heart open to the needs of others? Is it responsive to spiritual things? Ask God to keep your heart soft and pliable to His divine will and purposes. View Resource

  • The Saving Purpose of Christ Devotional

    1 Timothy 1:15-16

    John Calvin writes, “The more any one is oppressed by his sins, let him the more courageously betake himself to Christ, relying on this doctrine, that he came to bring salvation not to the righteous, but to ‘sinners.’” God’s saving purpose is at the same time the most basic element of the gospel and the most profound. Have you fully embraced the Lord’s desire to save sinners through Jesus Christ? Have you declared this purpose to others? View Resource

  • Affirming God’s Sovereignty Devotional

    What difficulties are you currently facing? Reaffirm your trust in the sovereignty of God, who is working all things together for His good pleasure. View Resource