• Samson Breaks His Vow Devotional

    Judges 14

    God’s sovereign plan cannot be thwarted by our sin. Nevertheless, we should not be eager to sin in order to prove this point. Sin brings serious consequences and pain, so it is far better for us if God works through our obedience to accomplish His purposes. Let us seek to obey Him so that we may please Him and so that we do not have to deal with the tragedy that sin can bring. View Resource

  • Gideon Defeats Midian Devotional

    Judges 7

    We cannot rest in our own strength or our own works to enjoy the salvation of the Lord. He alone can defeat the enemy, and He delights to use the most unlikely means to do so. We are not to trust in our superior numbers, superior skills, or superior strategies. Instead, we must be faithful to the Lord, trusting Him to accomplish His purposes through the unlikeliest of means. View Resource

  • The Glory of Jael Devotional

    Judges 5:24-31

    It can be easy to think that we must possess great skills in order to be used by the Lord to do great things for His kingdom. The example of Jael, however, shows us that God can use ordinary, common skills to accomplish incredible victories. We do not need to envy the skills of others; rather, we just need to be faithful with the skills we have, and the Lord will use us mightily. View Resource

  • Deborah and Barak Devotional

    Judges 5:1-5

    Thanks be to God, He can still use us to advance His purposes even when our faith is less than perfect. As Barak’s example shows us, however, we will miss additional blessings if we doubt the promises of the Lord. Our goal should be to obey God and His Word right away. That way, we will be used of Him, and we will enjoy extra blessings as well. View Resource

  • Ehud and Eglon Devotional

    Judges 3:12–30

    Eglon was defeated in a humiliating fashion, which shows us the seriousness with which God takes those who exalt themselves against Him and His people. The Lord laughs and holds His foes in derision (Ps. 2:4), and He was unafraid to humiliate the Moabites. We can take comfort in that fact. God laughs at the foes of Him and His people, so we know that however they may seem to prevail, in the end they will be brought to nothing. View Resource

  • The Sun Stands Still Devotional

    Joshua 10:1–15

    God continues to fight for His people today, particularly in and through the kingship of Christ. As our king, Christ subdues us to Himself, rules and defends us, and restrains and conquers all His and our enemies (Westminster Shorter Catechism 26). We can be certain that He never leaves us to fight alone in the battle for truth, and as we trust in Him, we will see the gospel advance and the enemies of God bow down to Him. View Resource

  • The Fall of Jericho Devotional

    Joshua 6

    God has called His people into a spiritual battle, which we must fight according to God’s ways. If we follow our own strategies, we will surely fail, but the Lord will bless us when we fight according to the means He has given us—prayer, the sacraments, and the preaching of the Word of God. Through these means, God brings people into His kingdom, so let us emphasize these in our churches and in our everyday lives. View Resource

  • Joshua Meets The Commander of God’s Army Devotional

    Joshua 5:13–15

    The figure in today’s passage did not rebuke Joshua for worshiping him, which is another proof that Joshua had an encounter with God Himself (see Rev. 22:8–9). This encounter shows us that when we fight the battles God has commissioned us for, God Himself is fighting the war. As we trust in Him and follow His ways, we can be sure that we will share in His final victory. View Resource

  • Mildew and the Cost of Sin Devotional

    Leviticus 14:33-53

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  • How Providence Nurtures Faith Devotional

    Romans 8:28

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  • Fear and the Reign of God Devotional

    Daniel 7

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  • The Glory Isaiah Saw Devotional

    John 12:36b–41

    Leon Morris, who was one of the foremost twentieth-century New Testament scholars, comments on today’s passage: “God’s purposes are not frustrated by the opposition of evil people. They are accomplished.” God used the hard hearts of Jesus’ opponents to fulfill His salvific purposes. Evil men are no real obstacle to His plans, and that should give us great comfort. He can use what others mean for evil for our good. View Resource

  • An Unwitting Prophet Devotional

    John 11:45–53

    The comment of Caiaphas and the meaning behind it—which was true but unknown to him—shows us how God’s intention and the intentions of people work together to bring about the events of history. Caiaphas wanted Jesus to die for the sake of his political salvation. God wanted Jesus to die to save His people from their sin. God works in and through the intentions of fallen people to bring about His good will. View Resource

  • The Purpose of Lazarus’ Death Devotional

    John 11:11–16

    Although God would not have us deny the reality of our grief and pain, He would also have us know that He works through our suffering for good (Rom. 8:28). Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John that through the death and resurrection of Lazarus, “the disciples would see His power made manifest and would be strengthened in their faith in Him.” He uses our suffering to reveal His grace and power. View Resource

  • Multiplying Loaves and Fishes Devotional

    John 6:1–14

    Our Lord is gracious and kind, so we should never think that He is hesitant to do good to us. Although God has not promised to give us everything we ask for, He has pledged to meet all our real needs both now and forever. We should therefore not think that He is holding out on us, and we should eagerly go to Him in prayer with all our concerns. View Resource