• Seeking and Saving the Lost Devotional

    Luke 19:1–10

    God cares about the souls of His image bearers and so must we. Our friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and acquaintances who do not know Christ will endure God’s wrath forever if they do not trust Jesus before they die. Let us pray that God would send lost people our way and that we would be ready to preach the gospel to them. Let us also look for the lost among those whom we know so that we can share the gospel with them. View Resource

  • God’s Ongoing Work of Missions Devotional

    John 14:15–17

    We dare not rest on our own cleverness or organization when it comes to fulfilling the task of world missions. Though we are to use wisdom in how we approach the task of preaching the gospel to all nations, the success of our efforts depends wholly on the Spirit. Let us keep that in mind as we plan for and engage in evangelism and missions, praying for the Spirit to bless our work. View Resource

  • Cruciform Discipleship Devotional

    Mark 8:34–35

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary Mark that “the Christian life is a throwaway life.” We must be willing to lose all we have now in order to gain everything in the world to come. This does not mean we merit eternal life by giving up everything or that the degree of suffering is the same for all Christians. It does mean that true faith in Jesus—the kind of faith that saves us—will renounce everything, even this life, for the sake of Jesus and His glory. View Resource

  • A Call to Praise the Lord Devotional

    Psalm 150

    Worshiping God in spirit and truth must be the goal of our lives. Our Lord seeks such worship, and this worship is acceptable to him whether it comes from Jews or Gentiles (John 4:19–24). How do we know if we are truly obeying our Lord’s commandments? One way is to look at our desire for worship. If we are eager to praise the Lord for who He is and what He has done, then we know that we are growing in true obedience to God’s law. View Resource

  • Crying out to Understand Devotional

    Psalm 119:169–76

    John Calvin comments, “Whilst God liberally promises all blessings to his people, to enlighten them by his Spirit, that they may excel in true and sound wisdom, is justly entitled to be ranked among the chief of his promises.” The greatest blessing our Lord can give us is the illumination of His Spirit as we read His Word and hear it preached. By this, He brings us to salvation and gives us the wisdom and understanding we need to please Him so that we will receive eternal blessings. View Resource

  • A Throne and Temple in Zion Devotional

    Psalm 132:11–18

    God’s promises to David are sure, and this is good news for us. Because Christ surely reigns over all creation, we will surely reign with Him as Scripture has told us (2 Tim. 2:12). This means that any defeat that the kingdom of God seems to suffer in this present age is not really a defeat at all. The Lord will reign victorious, and all His and our enemies will acknowledge this reign. In Him we can endure any hardship or attack that we and the rest of His church suffer in the meantime. View Resource

  • A Commitment to Worship Devotional

    Psalm 132:1–10

    Augustine of Hippo comments on today’s passage: “Dost thou wish to be a place for the Lord? Be thou poor in spirit, and contrite, and trembling at the word of God, and thou wilt thyself be made what thou seekest.” In His grace, God calls us to Himself and chooses to dwell within us. We never have to fear that He will leave us, but we make ourselves vessels that are more fit for His presence as we pursue lives of holiness in faith and repentance. View Resource

  • Joyful Living in Light of Death Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 11:8

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage, “Notwithstanding the long continuance of life, and the many comforts of it, yet we must remember the days of darkness, because those will certainly come, and they will come with much the less terror if we have thought of them before.” If we are unprepared to meet our Creator, death will be a terror for us. But if we think on our deaths, realize our sin, and turn to Christ, we will not be afraid. View Resource

  • Investing for the Future Devotional

    Matthew 25:14–30

    No matter how much one earns or already possesses, it can be increased through patient and wise investing. Heavy consumer debt incurred because of our impatience creates a great burden on our ability to invest and grow our resources for the sake of our families, the church, and providing for the poor. Thus, we should endeavor to invest our funds wisely and avoid foolish financial decisions that would harm our ability to fund the work of the church and assist others. View Resource

  • Listening like Sheep Devotional

    Psalm 95

    Augustine of Hippo comments, “Let no man say in his heart, His promise is true; His threat is false: as His promise is true, so is His threat sure.” When we read Scripture, we must take the Lord’s warnings seriously. The elect cannot finally fall away, but all those in whom the Spirit is working heed these warnings. God uses them to keep His elect in the faith. As we are warned not to harden our hearts, may we listen and continue trusting in Christ. View Resource

  • Worship with the Senses Devotional

    Psalm 150

    Human beings process information through the five senses, so all five senses are engaged in all that we do, including worship. Though different traditions may take different views as to how the liturgy should appeal to the five senses, all of us must keep in mind that the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and feel of our worship services do send a message to worshipers. Let us endeavor to make sure that it is always a biblical one. View Resource

  • The Role of Beauty Devotional

    Exodus 26

    The propriety of visual imagery in the church building continues to be debated within the Reformed tradition. What we can all agree on, however, is that God is supremely beautiful (Ps. 27:4). In our worship and teaching, we must draw attention to the fact that He is far more lovely than anything we can imagine and that eternity will be spent enjoying His beauty, which alone can satisfy our deepest needs and desires. View Resource

  • Form Versus Formalism Devotional

    Jeremiah 7:1–29

    Church leaders cannot change our hearts, but they can help us avoid formalism by explaining what we do in worship and why. When we do not know the reasons and meaning for the different elements in the liturgy, we will easily disengage from it and think on other things.􏰁As church leaders explain elements of worship and encourage others to do the same, we are encouraged to be more aware of what we are doing and to put our hearts and souls into our praise of the Lord. View Resource

  • Worship from the Heart Devotional

    Genesis 4:1–5

    It is a good thing for corporate worship to become part of the weekly routine of the Christian. However, the fact that worship becomes routine and regular tempts us to be distracted during worship and to go through the motions without putting much thought into it. Therefore, we must work as hard as we can to make sure that our hearts and minds are in our praise. Let us focus entirely on the Lord as we worship Him in spirit and truth. View Resource

  • The Promises of the Tongue Devotional

    Matthew 5:33–37

    Our Creator is concerned foremost with the intentions of our hearts, and He is not fooled when we make a promise in a way that might give us an “out” if we do not keep it. Thus, we must search our hearts carefully before we make a promise and then commit to doing only what we truly intend to do. We must also examine our schedules carefully and have realistic expectations of what we can accomplish, lest we find ourselves overcommitted and unable to keep our word. View Resource