• Obedience to Civil Authorities Devotional

    Romans 13:1–7

    Civil authorities do not have to be perfect or even Christian for us to obey them. We are to obey even the mandates we consider silly or onerous if doing so does not require us to break God’s law. In rendering such obedience, we bear witness to the final authority of the Lord, for bowing to His authority means submitting to the civil government. View Resource

  • The Purpose of Government Devotional

    Genesis 1:28

    God intended government to help us fulfill the task given to all people, so we should not view the existence of government in itself as a necessary evil. In particular, government is a blessing as long as it sticks to the tasks that God has given it and does not try to take additional power for itself. Good citizens work to prevent the government from doing things it has not been appointed to do. View Resource

  • The Source of Defilement Devotional

    Mark 7:14–19

    God is not primarily concerned about external matters; He is most concerned about our hearts. External actions often manifest inner realities, but it is also true that we can act in a way that does not match the true thoughts of our hearts. As followers of Christ, we are to be concerned that we not only do the right things but that we do them for the right reason—the glory of God. View Resource

  • Clean and Unclean Devotional

    Romans 14:13–14

    That something which is not unclean in itself may become unclean to certain people is a concept we will develop more in the days ahead. For now, let us note that it is a lack of understanding that leads a person to view as unclean something that is not inherently unclean. In making disciples of all nations, the church is responsible to help immature believers learn this truth so that they may enjoy their freedom in Christ. View Resource

  • Honoring the Lord Devotional

    Romans 14:5–6

    John Calvin says the weak in the Roman church “would have thought otherwise, had they possessed a certain and a clear knowledge of Christian liberty. But in abstaining from what they thought to be unlawful, they evidenced piety, as it would have been a proof of presumption and contempt, had they done anything contrary to the dictates of conscience.” Mature Christians should keep this in mind, and strive to come alongside the less mature to help them learn God’s Word. View Resource

  • Partaking and Abstaining Devotional

    Romans 14:2–4

    As fallen people, we are tempted to pass judgment all too quickly on others without first seeking to understand why they do what they do. As we will see, this is part of what was plaguing the Roman church, as the meat-eaters did not understand why the vegetarians were vegetarians and the vegetarians did not understand why the meat-eaters were meat-eaters. Taking time to understand one another can go a long way in helping us not to judge them inappropriately. View Resource

  • Unity in Truth Devotional

    Romans 16:17–20

    When joining a church, we often vow to preserve its peace and purity. Unity and peace are difficult to maintain since people are instinctively critical. Decide beforehand that when strife or error comes in your church, your concern will be the unity and preservation of the church, tempered by the need for purity and truth. View Resource