• Chapter 23, Sec. 1-4 Media Resource by

    The Westminster Confession of Faith has, for hundreds of years, served as the doctrinal foundation of the Reformed churches. In this message, Dr. John Gerstner examines the teaching of the Westminster Confession on civil authorities. View Resource

  • An Instrument of Evil Media Resource by

    What happens when governments of this world don’t carry out their God-appointed responsibilities? At what point do they move from being negligent ministers of justice to instruments of evil? In this message, Dr. Sproul explains to us the fundamental responsibilities of the civil government and the measurable influence Satan has had in this realm. View Resource

  • Established Religion Media Resource by

    What is the official status of Christianity in the United States of America? Is it equal with all other religions? Does the “separation of church and state” mean that the state is free from any notion of God? In this message entitled “Established Religion,” Dr. Sproul explains the dangers of misunderstanding the idea of the separation of church and state. View Resource

  • Civil Disobedience Media Resource by

    The Bible teaches that we must be subject to the authorities God has placed over us, including the civil magistrates. Does that mean that Christians must always obey the state? Is there ever an occasion when Christians are allowed to disobey laws issued by the government? Concluding this Church and State series, R.C. Sproul teaches us about the power and limitations of the earthly authorities, and the occasions when we must disobey the rulers God has placed over us. View Resource

  • Questions and Answers Media Resource by

    Difficult questions are raised when church and state issues are discussed. In this study of “Church and State” many questions have already been addressed, and in this message Dr. Sproul and his son, Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr., take the time to discuss some of these questions. View Resource

  • Civil Obedience Media Resource by

    In a certain sense, Christians are citizens of two worlds. We belong to the Kingdom of God, which is supreme and eternal. We also live in a world with manifold nations and kingdoms. Since Christians serve the King of kings, why should we be subject to the authorities of this world? Why should we obey governors, presidents, and kings who do not recognize the Lordship of Christ? Dr. Sproul explains why Christians ought to obey the civil magistrate, as he talks about “Civil Obedience.” View Resource

  • Legal Force Media Resource by

    In these United States of America, we have a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Presently the federal government is involved with many things including social programs and stimulating economic growth. Aside from those things, what is the primary purpose of government? This series will explore the role of government and the relationship between church and state, and Dr. Sproul begins by examining the fundamental role of human government. View Resource

  • The Sword & the Keys Media Resource by

    What is the mission of the civil government? What power and authority does the church have in the world? Does the church have the right to criticize the government’s decisions? Does the government have the right to intervene in ecclesiastical matters? Dr. Sproul answers these questions in this message as he explains the role of the government distinguished from the role of the church, and reminds us who holds “The Sword and the Keys.” View Resource

  • Government Media Resource by

    How are Christians to obey Christ’s command to obey corrupt earthly governments? Do we unconditionally obey earthly governments in obedience to God? How does the Christian live out this dual citizenship? Under what conditions, if any, do we disobey our earthly governments? In this message, Dr. Sproul talks about the role of government in the world and how the Christian is to live with the tension of two kingdoms. View Resource

  • What Is the Relationship of Church & State? Media Resource by

    What happens when the state fails to be the state? That is—what happens when the state refuses to protect its citizens? Does the church have the right to speak out? More importantly, is the church obligated to speak out? View Resource