• Kierkegaard by

    During a moment of existential decision, have you ever passionately committed yourself to the Christ of Scripture? This is probably not a question you have heard before, yet it is critical that we understand it correctly. Have you taken the …

  • The Laws of Logic by

    To understand God’s perfect law, there is one law that must be understood perfectly. Listen as Dr. Sproul explains the basic principles of thinking and knowledge as we seek to glorify God with our minds.

  • Leibniz by

    If God is perfect, how can His handiwork be so imperfect? How can a good God create a world with evil in it? These questions are not at all new in the world of philosophy. Many have tried to reconcile …

  • Literature by

    What is the Christian perspective on literature? Can a Christian enjoy a good novel every now and again? Is there such a thing as a “good” novel? In this message, Dr. Sproul answers these questions and he discusses essential criteria …

  • Locke by

    If you were to catalogue every piece of knowledge that is stored in your mind, you would realize that you know more than you know. But how did all that knowledge get there? Was it by heavy contemplation of things …

  • Logical Inference by

    Who defined the laws of logic, and what benefit does it have for the Christian? Hear Dr. Sproul explain how logical inferences and other tools of reason affect our understanding of Scripture.

  • Marx by

    Are you a productive member of society? Are you getting a fair wage for your work? Sometimes it seems that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Is there something wrong with the way we measure the value …

  • Mere Existence by

    Are you looking for purpose in life? Are you looking for meaning in your existence? In search for the meaning of life, philosophers have developed systems to make sense of life’s perplexing questions. Then came existentialism. But what are …

  • Mind and Body by

    Do you have assurance of your salvation? How do you know that it is not a false assurance? In this message, Dr. Sproul teaches us that assurance is not only possible, but how we can gain it.

  • The Mind and the Scriptures by

    What is the real meaning of John 3:16? This message focuses on the importance of applying proper thinking skills to the handling of Scripture.

  • The Mind and The Senses by

    Can we have absolute certainty about anything that our senses tell us? In this message Dr. Sproul explores the relationship between the mind and the senses.

  • Misbehaving Behaviorists by

  • Modern Philosophers by

    Philosophies such as Positivism, Pragmatism, Pluralism, and Relativism have been let loose to roam the halls of our schools, workplaces, and, yes, even our churches. So how do we deal with them? The first thing we must do is identify …

  • Monism and Pluralism by

    Unaided by Scripture, the pre-Socractic philosophers embarked on a quest for ultimate reality. How did we get here? What is the source of all things? What gives reality purpose and harmony? Their answers were interesting, to say the least. In …

  • Negatively Positive by