• Faithful Obedience Devotional

    Psalm 119:137–144

    In many places around the world, Christians have long had to deal with being a part of the “small and despised” minority. In the West, we find that although many people still profess some form of Christianity, it is increasingly difficult to remain faithful to Christ without suffering some form of scorn or derision. As we are faithful in such circumstances, however, we are assured of our faith, and God strengthens our resolve to serve Him. View Resource

  • The Messiah Forsaken Devotional

    Psalm 22:1–15

    That the sinless Son of God could bear the curse of God on sin is a great mystery, but it is the mystery that is at the heart of our salvation. As a man, the Son of God endured the judgment of the holy, triune Creator for the sins of those men and women who are united to Him by faith alone. We need not fear that God will ever remove the light of His countenance from us if we are in Christ. His sacrifice of His Son proves His justice and the infinite degree to which He loves us. View Resource

  • Secure in the Love of God Devotional

    Romans 8:38–39

    When Paul says nothing can separate us from God’s love, he means that even we cannot snatch ourselves from His hand. If we have true faith, we will maintain that faith until the end. Times of doubt may arise, and it is even possible to fall into grievous sin. Yet if we belong to Christ today, we will belong to Him forever. This should encourage us to draw near to the Lord even when we feel far from Him. If we come humbly, He will not reject us. View Resource

  • Turning Adversity to Good Devotional

    Romans 8:28

    Dr. R.C. Sproul comments on the origin of evil and what Scripture has to say about it: “How sin got here we do not know, but it is here. The good news of Scripture is that there is redemption from sin” (Truths We Confess, vol. 1, p. 182). This redemption includes more than just the forgiveness of our own transgressions. It also means that the Lord will ultimately redeem every sin and tragedy for His glory and the good of His people. View Resource

  • The Work of God Through Us Devotional

    Philippians 2:12–13

    Augustine says that “[we] are to work with fear and trembling so that [we] will not, by attributing the good working to [ourselves], be elated by the good works as if they were [our] own” (ACCNT 8, p. 245). Even as we are aware that we work out our salvation in fear and trembling, we must also know that ultimately it is God who gives us the desire to persevere and moves us to do so. Indeed, salvation is of Him from first to last. View Resource

  • Dying in Faith Devotional

    Hebrews 11:13–16

    Do you belong to the Lord Jesus Christ as one of His sheep, or are you counted among the goats who serve another master? If you trust in Jesus alone, then you can be sure that He will receive you into the bliss of His eternal kingdom at your death. But if you do not believe in Christ, your reward will be eternal destruction. Today may be the last opportunity you have to trust Jesus, so do not delay in bowing to Him as Lord. View Resource

  • The God Who Finishes What He Starts Devotional

    Philippians 1:6

    Perseverance of the saints and the doctrine of unconditional election go hand in hand. The comfort we find in the security we possess in Christ is also an inherent part of the biblical view of God’s sovereign, electing grace. When we realize that the Lord has chosen us, we can truly believe that He loves us and that He has our best interests in mind. His choice of us confirms that we will be His forever. View Resource

  • The Gift of Perseverance Devotional

    Ephesians 1:13-14

    We know that the Holy Spirit will work within us to keep us in Christ; thus, we respond to this good news in two ways. First, we are never complacent in our pursuit of holiness, for our following of Jesus demonstrates the work of the Spirit. Second, we are always grateful to God for working in us and so we never fail to worship Him and offer thanks to Him for all His gifts. Thank Him today for His gift of the Holy Spirit and for all of your blessings. View Resource

  • Apostasy Devotional

    1 John 2:19

    Since we cannot see the hearts of others, we cannot assume that those who now repudiate the faith they once professed have actually left the fold permanently. This means that we should pray for those who appear to be apostate, asking the Lord to work in their hearts and bring them back to Himself. Consider today those in your life who seem to have repudiated Jesus and pray that they would yet return to the faith they once professed. View Resource

  • Now to Him Devotional

    Jude 24–25

    God’s ability to keep His people from falling away is a source of profound comfort to believers. However, we must not think we can be passive with respect to our salvation. Though our efforts do not merit God’s favor, His preserving work is demonstrated as we pursue Christ and His Law. Consider today any persistent sin with which you are dealing. Seek accountability with a close friend so you may overcome it, and ask others to pray for you in this matter. View Resource

  • His Annointing Devotional

    1 John 2:26–27

    The apostle Paul tells us that there are many varieties of gifts but one Spirit (1 Cor. 12:4). While the Holy Spirit dwells in all Christians, His various gifts show that He does not manifest Himself the same way in every person. We need other Christians along with their gifts so that we might better appreciate and more fully experience the Spirit’s work. Make sure you exercise your gifts and submit to the faithful teachers the Spirit has given to your church. View Resource

  • From the Beginning Devotional

    1 John 2:24–25

    As Christians we must ever be aware of the old, fleshly nature that is always trying to draw us away from life in the Spirit. One of the ways this happens is through doubts about Jesus and the authority of the Word of God. Perseverance requires that we hold fast to these truths with all of our might, knowing we are only able to do so as Jesus enables us. Ask the Lord to make you hold onto His truth, and find a friend who will encourage you to do so. View Resource

  • They Went Out From Us Devotional

    1 John 2:18–19

    Though verse 19 refers to the false teachers who left John’s audience, all those who permanently abandon the biblical Christ exhibit solidarity with false teaching and thus display that they also never had true faith. True believers will not fall away, but this does not mean that we are impervious to complacency (see 1 John 2:24). Being in the light means that we walk in the light (1 John 1:6–7), and so we must do good works of faith lest we be revealed as lacking it. View Resource

  • A Helpful Reminder Devotional

    2 Peter 1:12

    Scripture emphasizes both the importance of remembering basic Christian doctrines (1 Peter 2:2–3) as well as the need to build upon them (Heb. 6:1–2). We must continually seek to grow in our knowledge of the Savior but never in a way that deprecates the basic Gospel message. We must remind ourselves of the basics of the faith, always doing so in a way that affects mind and action. Meditate on God’s grace today and let this basic truth motivate you to live virtuously. View Resource

  • Make Your Election Sure Devotional

    2 Peter 1:10–11

    John Calvin reminds us that “purity of life is not improperly called the evidence and proof of election, by which the faithful may not only testify to others that they are the children of God, but also confirm themselves in this confidence.” Work at supplementing your faith with the virtues of 2 Peter 1:5–7 so that you may grow in assurance of your salvation, and be wary of those who confess Christ and yet show no desire for holiness. View Resource