• Christ and Melchizedek Devotional

    Hebrews 7:1-3

    It is impossible to walk away from an honest reading of Hebrews—indeed, from an honest reading of the entire New Testament—without the highest view of the person of Christ. He is no ordinary human founder of a world religion like Muhammad or the Buddha. Instead, He is the very God of the universe. We are called to believe and defend this precious truth with all the strength God gives us. View Resource

  • The Final King and Priest Devotional

    Hebrews 1:3-4

    Christ is not merely a good teacher or wise guide; He is the very God of the universe and thus the Ruler of all. His word is supreme and cannot be disobeyed with impunity. We evidence our belief that Jesus is King by putting sin to death by the power of His Spirit and by keeping His commandments. Let us do so today, asking Him to enable our obedience. View Resource

  • Greeting the King Devotional

    John 12:12–15

    The crowd on the first Palm Sunday sought a Jesus who would conquer Rome. Today, we may not be looking for such a Jesus, but we are all tempted to follow the Jesus of our own imaginings and not the Jesus revealed in Scripture. Let us seek to follow Jesus as He reveals Himself in the Bible. We can do that through prayer, through studying the Scriptures diligently, and by attending to the preaching of God’s Word in a sound local church. View Resource

  • Jesus the Priest Devotional

    Hebrews 7

    Uniquely among world religions, Christianity tells us that we cannot offer atonement for ourselves. We could pray continually, afflict ourselves physically, and do many other penitential acts, but we would still not achieve atonement for ourselves. Only the perfect sacrifice of Christ atones for sin, and if we have trusted in Him alone for salvation, we can be confident that our sins have been atoned for and that we are God’s beloved children. View Resource

  • Jesus the Prophet Devotional

    Hebrews 1:1–2

    Jesus accomplished the work of a prophet through His earthly teaching ministry and by speaking through the Apostles. Now that the Apostolic era has ended, new revelation from God has ceased, but by His Spirit, Jesus is illuminating the meaning of the Apostolic Word—the Scriptures—to us. We must have the help of the Spirit of Christ to understand Scripture, so we must ask Him to bless all of our studies of His Word. View Resource

  • Jesus the Christ Devotional

    Matthew 16:16

    When we refer to Jesus as the Christ, we are saying that He is our all-sufficient Prophet, Priest, and King. We trust in Him alone because He speaks God’s Word to us perfectly, provides final atonement for our sin, and leads us in righteousness against all His and our enemies. Yet, we remain prone to trust in lesser persons, so let us confess our failures to trust in Jesus alone and seek to rest in His grace and in Him only for all things. View Resource

  • Christ Our King Devotional

    Revelation 17:14

    God’s kingdom is a monarchy ruled over by the perfect King who will not fail to execute justice. Knowing this will sustain us as we face the many injustices this world has to offer. Christ sees them and He will set them all right in the end. He calls us to be ambassadors of His kingdom, to proclaim His reign of justice, warning people that they can enjoy the peace of His kingdom only if they bow the knee to Him today. View Resource

  • Christ Our Priest Devotional

    Hebrews 2:17

    We find it difficult to know how to pray for ourselves, but Christ does not have that problem. He prays for us perfectly before His Father such that if we trust in Him, we cannot fail to persevere in faith. Our perseverance ultimately depends on Christ’s faithful prayers for us. If you are discouraged this day, know that if you trust in Jesus Christ, He is praying perfectly for you right at this very moment View Resource

  • Christ Our Prophet Devotional

    John 4:19

    History is filled with false prophets who deceived many people but were ultimately proven not to have a word from God. Christ, however, is the true Prophet whose Word is absolutely trustworthy and whose Word never fails to accomplish His purposes for it. He executes His prophetic ministry today through His inscripturated Word, and if we want to know God’s will for us, we must be committed to studying the Scriptures. View Resource

  • Jesus The Messiah Devotional

    Isaiah 45:1-13

    In his lecture on Isaiah 45, Martin Luther draws another parallel between Jesus and Cyrus: “Just as Cyrus would by his power and his expense set them free, so Christ would redeem us by His Word and grace, without cost.” Luther affirms that there is no cost that we pay for our salvation, for Jesus paid it all. Because God’s deliverance through Christ is perfect, there is no price we pay for eternal life. All we must do is believe in Jesus and we will be saved. View Resource