• Since Jesus took our punishment, why didn’t He need to go to hell forever? Question and Answer

    SPROUL: That’s a question that has been raised many times in church history because the punishment for sin is eternal damnation, and even that’s not adequate. Our rebellion is against God, who is of infinite worth and value, so that our sin is of an infinite variety. Even if we suffer eternity in hell, that can’t really justly fulfill the measure of punishment that is our due. Obviously, Jesus did not spend eternity in hell. The argument that has been given and advanced throughout church history is that Jesus’ atonement was of infinite value. Being of infinite value, it could … View Resource

  • Why is it important to understand penal substitutionary atonement? Question and Answer

    MACARTHUR: If you don’t understand the doctrine of penal substitution, you don’t know why Christ died. You would assume that if you’re a Christian, you would want to know why Christ died. In 2 Corinthians 5:18–21, Paul says that we are ambassadors. We go into the world and beg people to be reconciled to God. He’s given us the Word of reconciliation. That’s the message we preach: “You can be reconciled to God.” We have the ministry of reconciliation and the message of reconciliation. But how is it possible for a sinner to be reconciled to a holy God? That … View Resource

  • What does it mean that “by His wounds we are healed”? Question and Answer

    Isaiah 53

    Whether healing is in the atonement is clear in terms of Isaiah 53: it is. But when that healing takes place is a matter of great debate. There are many people who claim this passage to mean that because the atonement has already been rendered by Christ and He’s offered that healing, then we should not, as Christians, ever suffer any kind of affliction or sickness. That is on a collision course with everything the New Testament teaches about the suffering of the saints in this life, concerning both disease and affliction, prior to glory. When we get to glory, … View Resource