• Carnal Christianity Devotional

    Romans 7:13–25

    Is your mind usually set on what the Spirit desires? Read the passages below. Do these passages characterize your life? Remember that Christians still struggle with sin, but this doesn’t mean that it rules over them. If you are powerless before your sin, then pray to God to help you repent and find freedom in Him. View Resource

  • The Lordship of Christ Devotional

    1 Corinthians 6:15–20

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage, stating that “we are not at our own disposal, that we should live according to our own pleasure.” Unregenerate people are determined to live by their own rules, to seek self-fulfillment at the expense of God’s law. Christians, however, are determined to live by what God has revealed, and they repent when they fail to do so. If Jesus is our Lord, we must actually live under His lordship. View Resource

  • The Lordship of Christ Devotional

    Romans 10:9

    Do you believe that you can be a “carnal Christian?” That is, do you believe that Jesus can save you if you in no way submit to Him as Lord? Perfect obedience is not possible in this life, but if your life in no way reflects the Lordship of Christ then the Bible says you do not have true faith. Confess your trust in Christ alone as your Savior, and submit to Him as Lord. Look for concrete ways you can obey Him today in your family life or at your workplace. View Resource