• Is it true that the blood of Jesus takes away sickness? Question and Answer

    Galatians 6:11

    In the ultimate sense, it is true that in the new heavens and new earth there will be no coronavirus. It is a product of the fall. I think that the fourth servant song of Isaiah 53 refers to the ultimate healing ministry of Jesus. To suggest that no Christian will be sick, however, is crazy. We’re all going to die in some form or another, and all of it is a sickness of one form or another. The Apostle Paul had a malady. It might have been his eyesight since the reference in Galatians says, “See in what large … View Resource

  • Should we cast lots today to help us make decisions? Question and Answer

    I would say no, because we are not under the direct prescription of God to cast lots as a way of discerning His will. There were strict controls on the way in which that was handled in the priesthood, with the urim and the thummim and that sort of thing in the Old Testament. The same is true of the casting of lots under the direction of the Holy Spirit for the replacement of an Apostle in the book of Acts. We do not have a principle set forth in Scripture that commands—or even suggests—that we do that sort of … View Resource

  • How can Christians express the truth of human dignity during a global crisis? Question and Answer

    Expressing human dignity is completely lost on our culture. A culture that murders babies wouldn’t have any adequate or accurate assessment of the value of human life. It’s an oddity that abortion advocacy has ramped up prior to this coming election, but at the same time, they’re trying to save old people from the flu. There is such a confused understanding of human dignity and the image of God. This is an opportunity for believers to declare the truth. I would play off of that to say that everybody is in a panic that old people might die, but don’t … View Resource

  • How can Christians unite during COVID-19 to serve our neighbors? Question and Answer

    MACARTHUR: This is when we need to show the joy in the Holy Spirit that Paul talks about in Romans 14. This is when we need to show the peace that surpasses all understanding in our hearts because we know we’re locked into an eternal redemption and we have an eternal inheritance laid up for us in heaven. This is the time for Christians to have joy, to demonstrate peace, and to declare their faith. We also need to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many people think of their responsibility to witness and to give the gospel as kind … View Resource

  • Does COVID-19 provide us with unique opportunities to declare the gospel? Question and Answer

    Yes, there’s absolutely no question about that. I was thinking back on the times when I’ve had to deal with some kind of a global or national problem, going back to a massive earthquake that we had called the Northridge earthquake. People came into our church panicked because this was a severe earthquake and we were able to address that. Then there were the Watts riots, which happened here in L.A. We addressed the evil of mankind and went to the gospel. When the Gulf War broke out, I did a series on what the Bible says about … View Resource

  • How should Christians respond to the COVID-19 crisis? Question and Answer

    Matthew 6:31-32

    I think we should be the most balanced, the most stable, the most sane, the most reasonable, and the most rational. Even beyond that, of course, we have a living hope. We know where we’re headed. Eternity is settled for us. It’s far better to depart and be with Christ (Phil. 1:23), so the worst that could ever happen to us would be the best that could ever happen to us. This is a time for us to make manifest our faith. Yesterday was Sunday. We weren’t allowed to have anybody here, but I preached anyway on Matthew 6, where … View Resource

  • How are you praying through the crisis surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19)? Question and Answer

    I’ve been praying for many weeks, particularly when the virus was largely within the Wuhan region in China. I have many friends who minister both in and through China, as I’m sure many of us do. I have a great deal of care for what’s been going on in China even over the past year or two. I’ve been praying for revival in China, even for months leading up to this. With this crisis they’ve experienced, I’ve been praying that God would do a mighty work among them, that God would bring about whatever peaceful revolution is needed, and that … View Resource

  • What should I do if my career has become an idol? Question and Answer

    Matthew 6:33

    Personally, as a pastor, I regularly “resign” the church in my prayer time. There are obviously sinful things of the world that can become idols in the heart, but there are also good things that can become idols. In believing prayer, as we worship God, as we confess our sins to God, as we are bringing our needs to God, there is a constant offering of ourselves and the temptations of our hearts to God. Those temptations of our hearts are not just sinful things, but good things. In Philippians 3, Paul gives a list of his pre-Christian life. These … View Resource

  • Is addiction a sign that someone is not a Christian? Question and Answer

    Hebrews 12:1

    There is language in Hebrews 12 where the author of Hebrews talks about “that sin which so easily besets us,” or “that sin which so easily entangles us” (Heb. 12:1). Historically, people would come and say, “What is your besetting sin?” While we certainly can have one or a few besetting sins, that passage is getting at the reality that sin itself—not just one sin, but all sin—is entangling. It besets us. The image is like that of weeds coming up from the ground and entangling themselves around our ankles. If you’re a runner, imagine weeds coming up and grabbing … View Resource