• A Solemn Charge Devotional

    1 Timothy 1:3-4

    John Calvin writes that those doctrines that “contribute to edification may be approved, and that those which give ground for unprofitable disputes may be rejected as unworthy of the church of God.” Though some find it a lot of fun to argue over minor tenets, causing strife over disputed matters while ignoring the essentials of the Christian faith is no good for anyone. Are your studies focused on the basic, soul-sustaining truths of the Bible? View Resource

  • Bearing the Marks of Jesus Devotional

    Galatians 6:17–18

    Not all of us live in cultures or societies where physical harm is an inevitable part of faithfulness to Christ Jesus. Yet all of us should bear some kind of marks that testifies to our faithfulness to the Lord, whether they are insults from coworkers or professors, loss of a job, the sacrifice of worldly goods for the sake of gospel ministry, or other such things. What are the marks you bear that testify to your faithfulness to our Lord and Savior? View Resource

  • One Law Giver Devotional

    James 4:11–12

    There is most certainly a place for evaluating the spiritual health of the members of our churches. However, this is to be done predominantly by the elders of the church in love and according to the standards of the Law. Unfortunately, far too many of us forget this and slander fellow believers with our gossip while denying that we are motivated by bitterness and jealousy. Repent today if you are guilty of gossip and do what you can to preserve your neighbor’s good name. View Resource

  • The Weak Conscience Devotional

    1 Corinthians 8

    Has anyone ever called you judgmental? Do you consider something to be sinful that God has not? Do you try to be another’s conscience? Are you too loose with God’s Word? Do you feel uncomfortable around more conscientious Christians? If so, do you abuse Christian liberty and pamper sinful habits? View Resource

  • The Weak and the Strong Devotional

    Romans 14:1–6

    Pressuring a weak believer to do something he perceives as wrong is the wrong way to help the weak become stronger. The right way is to teach the principles of biblical religion, and address the specific issues in an atmosphere of teaching. In the light of this, how would you deal with someone who thinks it is wrong to drink wine? View Resource