• Chapter 3:15-28 Media Resource by

    Galatians 3:15-28

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  • Chapter 4:1-5:12 Media Resource by

    Galatians 4:1-5:12

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  • Chapter 5:13-17 Media Resource by

    Galatians 5:13-17

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  • Chapter 3:10-14 Media Resource by

    Galatians 3:10-14

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  • Chapter 3:1-5 Media Resource by

    Galatians 3:1-5

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  • Warnings That Call Us to Obedience Media Resource by

    Deuteronomy 29-30

    In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey will shed light on theologically difficult verses and concepts in Deuteronomy 29–30 as we learn about the individual’s responsibility to be obedient, the interpretation of prophecy concerning Israel, and the roles of faith and obedience in the life of the believer. By looking at the New Testament to help interpret Deuteronomy, we will come to a deeper understanding of God’s provision for righteousness. View Resource

  • Blessed above All Peoples Media Resource by

    Deuteronomy 6-7

    Deuteronomy 6–7 delivers warnings to the Israelites as individuals and as families. In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey will examine the warnings contained in this section and how to apply them. Dr. Godfrey will explain the reasoning and the heart behind these warnings, which are not to punish or restrict us but are a part of God’s blessing to us. View Resource

  • The Heart of Galatians Media Resource by

    Galatians 3:1-14

    At the heart of the gospel is justification by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. In the church in Galatia, the Judaizers sought to lead the members of the church away from the simplicity of this faith in Christ by insisting on law-keeping for their justification. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas walks through the Apostle Paul’s great defense of justification by faith alone apart from works of the law. View Resource

  • Law & Promise Media Resource by

    Galatians 3:15-24

    The Judaizers were propagating a false gospel among the members of the church in Galatia by insisting that gentile converts needed to keep the Jewish ceremonial law for their justification before God. In response, the Apostle Paul explained that Abraham, the father of the faith, was justified by faith alone. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas expounds on the Apostle Paul’s teaching about the relationship between the promise God gave to Abraham and the law He gave to Israel. View Resource

  • Set Free in Christ Media Resource by

    Galatians 4:21-5:1

    The letter to Galatians is the Apostle Paul’s great defense of the gospel and—by implication—of the freedom that believers have in Christ. Having introduced the subject of the believer’s adoption into the family of God through faith in Christ, Paul gives an allegory of Abraham’s two wives and two sons. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas unfolds the mystery of the gospel allegory of Hagar and Sarah. View Resource

  • Standing in Freedom Media Resource by

    Galatians 5:1-10

    In the previous section of Galatians, the Apostle Paul introduced the idea of spiritual freedom with the allegory of Hagar and Sarah. Paul then moves on to call the members of the churches in Galatia to hold fast to that freedom by setting out the several ways in which it can be lost. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas walks us through Galatians 5:1–15 to set out the various threats to the freedom that we have in Christ. View Resource

  • Faces of Antinomianism Media Resource by

    Romans 7:14-25

    The legalist and the antinomian are one and the same, in that they both operate out of a deeply ingrained misreading of God’s law and character. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson looks at the different faces of antinomianism and their distinctive features. View Resource

  • Working for God’s Glory Media Resource by

    Reformation extends to all matters of life, including theology, church, home, and society. This session outlines the doctrine of vocation and explains how it relates to other doctrines such as the priesthood of all believers, with a view toward encouraging greater faithfulness, innovation, and productivity in the workplace and beyond. It considers why glorifying God in our callings is vital to the kingdom of God for future centuries. View Resource

  • Optional Session: The Whole Christ Media Resource by

    Genesis 3:1-7

    This session considers the relationship between law and gospel in the Christian life. It considers how our understanding of law and gospel affects our approach to evangelism, sanctification, and our understanding of God Himself. View Resource

  • Oh, How I Love Thy Law! (Psalm 119:97) Media Resource by

    Psalm 119:97

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