• No Condemnation Media Resource by

    Romans 8:1-4

    We can find only condemnation when we stand before God because we are controlled by the law of sin and death. Our only help is found in Christ, for in Him we experience no condemnation before the bar of God’s justice. In this session, H.B. Charles Jr. focuses on Romans 8:1–4, explaining that Christians do not need to fear the condemnation of God, for Christ has secured the justification that the law cannot provide to sinners. Dr. Charles also explores the fundamental problem of our estrangement from God, and he shows that the righteousness of Christ, received by faith alone, … View Resource

  • Chapter 3:6-9 Media Resource by

    Galatians 3:6-9

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  • Paul Opposes Peter Media Resource by

    Galatians 2:11-21

    After the Apostle Paul introduces his defense of the gospel in his letter to the Galatians, he recounts his interaction with the Apostle Peter in Antioch. Peter jeopardized the truth of the gospel by refusing to eat with gentile converts, and Paul opposed Peter for this to his face. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas expounds on the importance of Paul’s confrontation with Peter. View Resource

  • Justified by Faith Media Resource by

    Romans 4:3-5

    Since the Reformation, the doctrine of justification has been famously described as “the article by which the church stands and falls.” This doctrine profoundly shapes the way we envision our relationship with God and our approach to the Christian life. In this lesson, Dr. Reeves recounts how Martin Luther’s rediscovery of this biblical truth turned his life upside down. By recovering and reclaiming this crucial doctrine today, we too can experience confidence, freedom, and joy. View Resource

  • The Golden Chain Media Resource by

    Romans 8:29-30

    Having described God’s loving act of working for our good in all things in Romans 8:28, Paul goes on to describe God’s work in bringing us to saving faith and into His glorious presence. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas explores the beauty and majesty of Romans 8:29–30, the unbreakable sequence commonly known as the golden chain of salvation. It is a source of tremendous hope and encouragement for Christians at any stage in their life with Christ. View Resource

  • No Condemnation Media Resource by

    Romans 8:1-4

    In contemporary Western culture, it has become commonplace to think of Christianity as restrictive, harsh, or judgmental in nature. Those who believe this have sadly misunderstood the central theme of the Christian faith: the forgiveness of sins as freely offered to sinners because of what Jesus Christ has accomplished. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas explores one of the pivotal motifs of Romans 8, the reality that there is no condemnation for sinners who place their hope in Jesus Christ. View Resource

  • Full Event Broadcast Media Resource by , , , ,

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  • What Is the Gospel? Media Resource by

    The Reformation was born as people sought to recover the biblical gospel, and in our own day there is a desperate need for men and women to return to the gospel found in Scripture. This meditation defines the gospel and exhorts us to stand fast for its truth. View Resource

  • Finding Peace with God Media Resource by

    The times may change, but the core question asked during the Reformation is the same one asked today: How can I find peace with God? This meditation addresses the peace we find when we realize that justification is by faith alone and how it is a central concern of our day. View Resource

  • Justification By Faith Media Resource by

    Romans 4:5

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  • Man Justified Media Resource by

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  • Justification, Part 1 Media Resource by

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  • Justification, Part 2 Media Resource by

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  • Questions & Answers with R.C. Sproul Media Resource by

    A questions and answers session with Dr. R.C. Sproul. Questions: What was your greatest round of golf? (02:14) Is worshipping on Sunday biblical? (04:23) Our church has decided to elect women elders. Is this an issue worth leaving a church? (06:21) What biblical advice can you give a church pursuing 501(c)(3) status? (10:00) I was told that if I can’t point to the moment of my conversion, I am not saved. How can I respond? (12:09) Did Christ have the ability to sin in His humanity? (14:32) Is theonomy the best way to engage culture? (17:10) What is the … View Resource

  • Paul’s Letter to the Romans Media Resource by

    Romans 3:19-4:8

    Paul gives his most exhaustive treatment of the doctrine of justification by faith in his letter to the Romans. In this lesson, Dr. Sproul takes us through the most important passages of Romans and expands on the theological concepts contained within the doctrine of justification. View Resource