• The Servant Who Shepherds His People Devotional

    1 Peter 2:25

    There is no safer place to be than under the care of the Good Shepherd. We are weak and vulnerable, but He has promised to guard and tend us. Let us be thankful for Christ’s shepherding of us this day, and may we follow wherever He leads us. View Resource

  • The Unmovable Righteous Devotional

    Psalm 112

    Calvin also comments, “With God as the defender of their righteousness, [righteous people] yet do not escape from being assailed by the slanders of the ungodly, but it is enough for them that their name is blessed before God, the angels, and the whole assembly of the godly.” righteous men and women suffer adversity, but through it all they grow content that they will be vindicated by the Lord. are you encouraged that God will vindicate the justness of your cause? View Resource

  • Living in the Light of Day Devotional

    Romans 13:12-14

    Jerome, one of the most important biblical scholars of the ancient church, comments on today’s passage that we are to “live our lives in the same way now as we are going to live in the day, that is, in the future world.” Our lives should not mirror those who have no hope and are trapped in the darkness; rather, we are to live as citizens of the kingdom to which we belong, the kingdom of light for which the Lord is preparing us by His Holy Spirit. View Resource

  • Salvation Draws Near Devotional

    Romans 13:11

    God always finishes the work that He starts, and if we are in Christ now, our future glorification is assured. This helps us put our confidence in the right place. Because the Lord has us in His hand, we can trust that He will work out all His purposes for us. When we grow discouraged with the lack of holiness in our lives, we must remember that God is working in us, that He will finish what He started, and that if we seek His face, we will enjoy all the benefits of His redemption. View Resource

  • God’s Sovereign Mercy Devotional

    Romans 9:14-16

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary Romans: “If grace is owed, it is not grace. The very essence of grace is its voluntary character. God reserves to Himself the sovereign, absolute right to give grace to some and withhold that grace from others.” If we demand that God show grace, we misunderstand grace. Only when we are clear that grace is free can we know that we are wholly undeserving of salvation, and only then can we be truly thankful that the Lord has redeemed us. View Resource

  • Paul’s Love for His Kinsmen Devotional

    Romans 9:1-3

    Paul’s teaching on divine election throughout the rest of Romans 9 shows that he knew that it was impossible for God to reject him—an elect person—for the sake of the reprobate. However, Paul’s love as displayed in his asking to be cut off for the sake of the Jews is still an example for us. It models the love of Christ, who was willing to be rejected Himself so that His people could be saved. Let us ask the Lord to create in us self-sacrificial love for our friends, family, and neighbors. View Resource

  • More than Conquerors Devotional

    Romans 8:35-37

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage: “We are conquerors by virtue of Christ’s victory. We have nothing to do but pursue the victory, and to divide the spoil, and so are more than conquerors.” Because we are in Christ, we share in His victory over all that opposes God and His people. We enjoy the firstfruits of this victory now—justification, the Holy Spirit, many physical blessings—and we will share fully in its consummation in the new heavens and earth. View Resource

  • None Can Condemn Devotional

    Romans 8:33-34

    As if our justification were not enough, Paul also points to the objective reality of Christ’s intercession for us. In conjunction with the Holy Spirit, Jesus intercedes with us, and He has a “preoccupation with the security of his people” (Murray). He asks His Father to give us all that we need to persevere in our faith, and the perfect love between the three persons of the Trinity means this prayer is always according to God’s will and always accomplishes that for which our Lord prays. View Resource

  • The Glory To Be Revealed Devotional

    Romans 8:18

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary Romans: “The difference between the present degree of pain we experience and the blessedness to which God has appointed His people is so immensely different that there is no way to compare them. Any comparison we come up with falls short.” When you are discouraged by your troubles, know that what is to come for you in Christ will be so wonderful that all your pain will be worth it. View Resource

  • No Condemnation In Christ Devotional

    Romans 8:1-2

    As we strive to obey God and walk in the Spirit, we will find ourselves falling short. It is at those points that we must remember that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Our sins and failures do not move the Lord to give up on us or to cast us out of the kingdom, for we are secure in Christ. Secure in Christ, we live a life of faith and repentance, continually serving the Lord and putting sin to death. View Resource

  • The Reign of Grace Devotional

    Romans 5:20–21

    Paul has more to say about the law that we will consider in due time. Today, we note that the law is not contrary to grace but allows us to see it more plainly. For justification, the law multiplies transgression, revealing it for what it is and driving us to Christ for the righteousness that alone can justify us. Where the law shows the gravity of sin, the awesome grace of God is seen in contrast. As the law shows sin’s darkness, we rejoice that the light of God’s mercy and grace overcomes evil. View Resource

  • Constituting Us Righteous Devotional

    Romans 5:18–19

    The parallels between the imputation of sin and righteousness demonstrate that it is erroneous to believe righteousness is a metaphysical reality that is infused into the believer. John Calvin writes, “The gift of righteousness is not a quality with which God endows us, as some absurdly explain it, but a gratuitous imputation of righteousness.” Righteousness is a legal status based on works, and sinners can only possess it if they are resting in the works of Christ alone. View Resource

  • Love Finds a Way Devotional

    Romans 5:9

    Currently, we enjoy many blessings that come from being found righteous in Christ, but on the last day we will experience them to their fullest. There is a salvation to come—we will pass through God’s judgment unscathed on the final day and be rewarded with the resurrection of our bodies. We will be rescued from all the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual infirmities that currently plague us, and we will enjoy the Lord forevermore. View Resource

  • Access by Faith Devotional

    Romans 5:2

    The biblical doctrine of perseverance gives us confidence without presumption. We know that nothing can snatch us out the hand of our omnipotent Savior if we are in Him, but we do not presume to be in Him unless we see daily faith and repentance. We are not looking for the perfect manifestation of such things. We only need to find their presence. If we have any sorrow for sin and love for Christ at all, we are His and we will endure. View Resource

  • Raised for Our Justification Devotional

    Romans 4:24b–25

    In his lectures on Romans, Martin Luther comments on the death and resurrection of our Savior, showing that it demonstrates that Christ’s “death not only signifies but actually effects the remission of sin as a most sufficient satisfaction.” We can have confidence that our sin has been fully and finally atoned for because of the resurrection of Christ. There is nothing left to be done to pay for sin. If we trust in Jesus, we are covered by His blood forever. View Resource