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  • Irresistible Call (Part 2) Media Resource by

    Popular culture generally depicts sheep as cuddly, peaceful animals. Yet, those who have spent even a small amount of time around sheep know that they are stubborn, wayward, smelly, and sometimes even vicious. This truth makes Jesus’ comparison to His followers as sheep all the more poignant. We, as sinners, possess all of these qualities, some in more abundance than others. Yet, the analogy finds its most power in our Good Shepherd’s willingness to know us personally, to ensure our safety, and to bring us to His Father’s house. As Dr. Lawson explains in this lesson, the call of Christ … View Resource

  • Is Grace Irresistible? Media Resource by

    The ancient Pelagian heresy taught that the fall of Adam had no effect on mankind, and therefore, we do not need grace to please God. Saint Augustine responded by teaching that not only did sin affect us, but that our wills were left unable to please God. Conceptually, there is a middle ground to these two extreme positions called semi-pelagianism. Is it possible that the fall has only weakened our wills? Answering the question “Is Grace Irresistible?” Dr. Sproul explains the weakness of the semi-Pelagian view, and how grace is the only remedy to our fallen condition. View Resource

  • Irresistible Grace Media Resource by

    How is it that you who hated God so much now love him so much? What did you do to change your heart so radically? Do you remember resisting grace? Do you remember when you received it? Was it before or after you had faith in Jesus Christ for your salvation? In this message, Dr. Sproul considers these questions as he examines the doctrine of “Irresistible Grace.” View Resource