• An Abomination in the Temple Devotional

    Mark 13:14–20

    The temple in Jerusalem may no longer be standing, but that does not mean that desecrating holy things is now impossible. Throughout history, heretics have sometimes attained leadership or other positions of influence in Christ’s church, corrupting people with their abominable doctrines. Let us be on guard that these wolves do not slip in undiscovered. View Resource

  • An Assault on God’s Glory Devotional

    Mark 11:18–19

    That the first-century Jewish leaders were unprepared for the return of the glory of God to the temple serves as a warning to us. Christ, the glory of God, is coming again in glory to consummate His kingdom (Acts 1:6–11). Are you ready for His return, or will He find that you have been an unprofitable servant? View Resource