• On to the Celestial City Media Resource by

    1 Thessalonians 4:13-14

    Christiana and her companions have reached the River of Death, but they do not all cross the river at the same time. This reflects the actual experiences of believers. Just as God raises up new disciples, He also calls His people to one day depart this life and join Him. In this final message of our study, we will learn about the final days of many of the pilgrims we have met so far. In their stories, we can find hope and wisdom to live well and to be ready when Our Lord calls us to His side. View Resource

  • The Celestial City Media Resource by

    Isaiah 43:2

    Eventually, each Christian’s pilgrimage in this world will come to an end. As Christian and Hopeful discover, the end of the journey brings with it a variety of emotions and experiences. Just as each believer’s life is different, so also each Christian’s departure from this life is different. Yet, the anticipation of the Celestial City is something that all true pilgrims can share, as fear of death gives way to the joy of entering the King’s presence. View Resource

  • The Beatific Vision Media Resource by

    1 John 3:1-2

    What is the ultimate goal of the Christian life: prayer, Bible study, good works? What is that thing that we should be praying, dreaming, and hoping for the most in our lives as Christians? In this message entitled “The Beatific Vision,” Dr. Sproul discusses that moment when we pass into glory and behold Jesus face-to-face. View Resource