• Gratitude Media Resource by

    How do we honor the Lord in the midst of profound suffering? In this message, Elisabeth Elliot reminds us that God knows what we need to become the people He desires us to be. Trusting that He brings us through hardship in love, we should be grateful for His tender care. View Resource

  • The Terrible Truth Media Resource by

    Where is God in our suffering? In this message, Elisabeth Elliot examines the terrible realities of tragedy and loss and considers how we can reconcile them with the truth of God’s sovereignty and love. View Resource

  • Transfiguration Media Resource by

    The cross of Jesus Christ does not exempt His people from suffering but rather transforms the ashes of our lives into something beautiful for God’s glory. In this message, Elisabeth Elliot describes how, as we faithfully take up our own crosses each day, the Lord takes our sorrow in order to give us His joy. View Resource

  • Acceptance Media Resource by

    The mystery of why we suffer cannot easily be explained, but it must be accepted. In this message, Elisabeth Elliot unpacks how we can faithfully accept the reality of suffering in this world by relying on the Lord’s unfailing promises. View Resource

  • Offering Media Resource by

    Everything that we have is a gift from God. How will we return it to Him in praise? In this message, Elisabeth Elliot observes that the Lord is pleased with what we offer Him in faith, even if a broken heart is all that we have to give. View Resource

  • The Message Media Resource by

    Job, one of the earliest books of the Bible, deals most specifically and directly with the subject of suffering. In this message, Elisabeth Elliot looks at how suffering can draw our attention to God, observing how Job helps us walk through life’s hardships. View Resource

  • Questions & Answers Media Resource by

    How do we trust the Lord when life is falling apart? How should we respond if friends avoid us as we experience great suffering? In this message, Elisabeth Elliot responds to questions about suffering, loss, and reliance on the unfailing grace of God. View Resource

  • Chapter 32, Sec. 1-Chapter 33, Sec. 3 Media Resource by

    The Westminster Confession of Faith has, for hundreds of years, served as the doctrinal foundation of the Reformed churches. In this message, Dr. John Gerstner studies the teaching of the Westminster Confession on life after death and the Resurrection. He also looks at the doctrine of the Last Judgment. View Resource