• Legion Destroys Some Swine Devotional

    Mark 5:11-13

    Scripture exhorts us to care for animals and not to be cruel to them. Even so, the Bible never puts the worth of animals on the same level as the worth of humanity. We “are of more value than many sparrows” (Matt. 10:31). That fact must be kept in mind in our ethical discussions. When people start putting a value on animal life equal to or higher than the value they put on human life, something is seriously wrong with the culture. View Resource

  • Matthew’s Gospel Devotional

    Matthew 5:17

    Take the time to look over Matthew in preparation for our study this year. Find one passage that you have not spent much time examining. Meditate on that text today and ask the Lord to help you focus on His message. Commit yourself again to lead the life of discipleship to which our Savior has called you, a life that you can live by grace through the power of the Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:16). Thank Him for His transforming work in your life. View Resource

  • The Purpose of Jesus’ Ministry Devotional

    Mark 1:35-39

    If Jesus, who is the Son of God incarnate, found it so necessary to pray, shouldn’t we also pray? Fellowship with the Lord in prayer is an absolute necessity if we will be sustained in life and ministry over the long haul. This is true whether we minister as pastors, in secular workplaces, or in our homes. View Resource

  • The Tax Collector Devotional

    Matthew 1:1

    Even in the very first verse of his gospel, Matthew tells us that Jesus fulfills God’s promises to His people. As the “son of Abraham,” Jesus is revealed as the one through whom Abraham will bless the nations (Gen. 12:1–3). Many in this world think they can find this blessing through means other than the mediation of Christ Jesus. In this age of syncretism and relativism let us always maintain that God’s favor comes only through Christ Je View Resource

  • Teaching with Authority Devotional

    Mark 1:21-22

    Jesus is often regarded as a good teacher, but as many Christian apologists have noted, we insult Christ if we view Him as merely a good teacher. Our Lord was not simply a wise moral philosopher; rather, He spoke with divine authority. What He says, therefore, must be believed. His Words are truth itself, and if we do not heed what He says, then we will find ourselves outside of His kingdom on the last day. View Resource

  • Tempted in the Wilderness Devotional

    Mark 1:12-13

    In his commentary Mark, Dr. R.C. Sproul notes how Jesus’ victory over temptation in the wilderness would have been particularly relevant to first-century Christians. They faced persecution and death for holding firm to their confession, and in Jesus they had an example of One who refused to worship any but the one true God even when He was promised the kingdoms of the world (Luke 4:5–8). This same Jesus will give us strength to persevere in faith if we seek His face. View Resource

  • The Wilderness Preacher Devotional

    Mark 1:4-6

    Jesus’ message to the Jews, and by extension to all people, is the same as John’s: Men and women can have a place in God’s kingdom only if they repent of their sins and turn to the Lord alone for salvation (Mark 1:14–15). We cannot rely on our church membership, our history of Christian service, or the faith of our parents in order to be saved. Instead, we will be redeemed only if we turn from our sin and place our faith in Christ alone for salvation. View Resource

  • Witnesses to the Kingdom Devotional

    Mark 9:1

    Whatever view we take of the specific event to which Jesus refers in Mark 9:1, we are left without any doubt that the kingdom of God came in power in the first century. The birth of Christianity changed the course of human history, and our Lord continues to build His kingdom as we await His return. We serve a mighty God who will not fail to accomplish His purposes. View Resource