• What book of the Bible can I study to help me in evangelism or apologetics? Question and Answer

    John 20:31

    The gospel of John will help you with evangelism and apologetics. Toward the end of his gospel, John says, “These things have been written so that you may believe” (John 20:31). Read John, and here’s what you will find: You will find characters all over the map. You will find fishermen. You will find Roman soldiers. All of them are being confronted by Jesus, and all of them are forced to answer a question: “Who is Jesus and what are you going to do about it?” As you read John, you will see how Jesus interacts with folks, how the … View Resource

  • When John identifies Jesus as “the Logos,” is he referring to the Logos in Greek philosophy? Question and Answer

    John 1:1

    I think John is writing intentionally to communicate with Jews and Gentiles. Therefore, he knows that as he begins his gospel and says, “In the beginning,” all the Jews will sit up and think, “We’re back in Genesis.” Then he’ll surprise them because he’s taking them back before the beginning of Genesis. Then, when he says Jesus was the Logos, he’s going to capture the attention of at least well-educated Gentiles who know something about logos philosophy in the ancient world. So, I think John is intentionally drawing both groups to himself. The Jews know that it was the Word … View Resource