• Amen to the Glory of God Devotional

    2 Corinthians 1:15–20

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  • Debating Theology with Jesus Devotional

    John 4:16–22

    Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman is instructive for our own evangelistic encounters. People will not see their need for the Savior if we do not talk about sin. When we preach the gospel, we must set forth Christ as the answer to our estrangement from God, not as an add-on whose only purpose is to make our life better in the here and now. View Resource

  • Eternally Satisfying Water Devotional

    John 4:10–15

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John that the water of life Jesus provides meets “not just a need of the moment but a need for all eternity.” If we trust anyone else for spiritual life, we will continue to thirst. But if we come to Him alone for salvation, we will be satisfied now and forever. Let us seek the only living water and its only Provider—Jesus Christ our Lord. View Resource

  • A Global Faith Devotional

    Romans 1:5

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  • The Obedience Of One Devotional

    Romans 5:18–21

    The good news of the gospel is that Christ obeyed for us. He took upon Himself the yoke of the law, fulfilling it perfectly on our behalf. There is no righteousness of any creature that can be added to the righteousness of Christ, for it is perfect. Let us rejoice in His righteousness and tell others that they can stand before God unafraid if they are clothed with Christ’s righteousness by faith alone. View Resource

  • The Savior of the World Devotional

    John 4:39–42

    Jesus is the Savior not only of one nationality; rather, He is the Savior of the world. No one in the world can be saved apart from His work, and only through faith in Him will anyone be saved. We must be clear that Christ is the Savior of the world and that no one who denies Him will be saved. To offer the possibility of salvation apart from Christ is to offer false hope. View Resource

  • Spiritual Thirst Devotional

    Isaiah 55:1

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  • Talking about Sin and Repentance Devotional

    Mark 1:15

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  • True Bread from Heaven Devotional

    John 6:30–35

    We can find eternal life only in Jesus. He alone can feed our souls with the bread of life. This means that no matter how much someone might appear to be dedicated to the Scriptures, they are not saved if they do not believe in Christ. We must pray for those who are not saved and yet may express affection for the Scriptures—Jews, members of Christian cults, Muslims, and so on—that they would have a true love for God’s Word and so turn to Christ. View Resource

  • The Work God Requires Devotional

    John 6:22–29

    John Calvin writes, “Faith brings nothing to God, but, on the contrary, places man before God as empty and poor, that he may be filled with Christ and with his grace.” Faith is something we “do,” but it is not a deed that merits a reward. It is something we can do when our hearts have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we must each trust in Christ ourselves. The faith of another will not save us. View Resource