• God’s Appeal to His People Devotional

    2 Chronicles 36:11-21

    Matthew Henry comments, “The methods God takes to reclaim sinners by his word, by ministers, by conscience, by providences, are all instances of his compassion towards them and his unwillingness that any should perish.” The Lord is quick to show compassion, and He does so in various ways. We often ignore this compassion or think we don’t deserve it. This should not be. Let us thank the Lord today for His compassion. View Resource

  • Jesus Prays That He Might Glorify the Father Devotional

    John 17:1–3

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John that “when the Son is exalted and honored, the Father is honored as well, because the Father and the Son are one.” It is impossible to glorify the Son of God without also glorifying the Father, and vice versa. Those who will not glorify the Son will not glorify the Father. As we glorify the Son, we cannot help but glorify the Father. As Christians, we declare the glory of God the Son, that all might glorify Him and God the Father. View Resource

  • The Coming Knowledge of God’s Glory Devotional

    Habakkuk 2:14

    In the time between Christ’s first and second advents, the Lord is spreading the knowledge of His glory through the work of the church to disciple all peoples. We are engaged in the greatest work possible and are used by God to fulfill prophecy when we seek to take the knowledge of God’s glory in the gospel to all peoples. View Resource

  • God’s Glory in Salvation Devotional

    Romans 9:22–24

    When we take our salvation for granted, we take God’s glory for granted, and His mercy is obscured. But when we seek to understand the depth of our sin and the sheer mercy of God, we will gain a better glimpse of the glory of the Lord. Meditate on the riches of God’s grace today so that you will see more clearly the riches of God’s glory. View Resource

  • The Sovereign Glory of God Devotional

    Psalm 8

    Because God is glorious, He is sovereign over all things. Because God is sovereign over all things, He is glorious. We cannot separate these attributes of His character, and one of the reasons that we emphasize the complete sovereignty of God over every detail of creation is because we want to emphasize His glory. God is most glorified by us when we ascribe to Him full control over all things, even our salvation. View Resource

  • Glory and Purity Devotional

    John 12:41

    We will not love what is holy if God does not make us holy, and in Christ the Lord not only declares us righteous in our justification but He purifies us in our sanctification. If we trust in Jesus, we will be able to endure His presence on that last day. And as we seek to grow in holiness, we will love holiness more and more, and we will grow in our longing to view the glory of God. View Resource

  • The Eternal Weight of Glory Devotional

    2 Corinthians 4:17

    How much worth do you ascribe to the Lord? We are apt to spend a great deal of time thinking about and working for that which we value highly, so the amount of time we dedicate to thinking about God’s glory and talking to others about it can be an indicator of how worthy we find Him. Let us seek to give glory to God and to help others understand His infinite worth. View Resource

  • The Glory of Divine Beauty Devotional

    Isaiah 28:5

    God has an inherent beauty of glory that cannot be shared with mere creatures. However, there is a beauty He bestows on His people, the beauty of Christ’s perfect righteousness that will vindicate us as God’s children and citizens of heaven’s glory on the last day. Are you looking forward to that day of the Lord’s vindication of His people? View Resource

  • The Light of Glory Devotional

    Exodus 34:29-35

    Scripture gives us many indications of what the glory of God means, but like His other attributes, God’s glory is not fully comprehensible to creatures. There is a greatness and magnificence to the Lord that cannot be expressed, and we won’t ever be able to comprehend God entirely—even into eternity. We are to exalt His glory because it is the highest good and the only thing that can ultimately satisfy human beings. View Resource

  • The Primacy of Divine Glory Devotional

    Isaiah 42:8

    Jesus tells us that God bestows a certain kind of glory on us in salvation (John 17:22), but this is not the kind of inherent divine glory that Isaiah is talking about. There is a glory that belongs to God alone, that existed before all things, and that is the reason for all things. We are called to point our friends and family to that glory by what we say and by what we do. View Resource

  • God’s Will and Your Spouse Devotional

    Genesis 24

    Whether we are looking for a spouse ourselves or seeking to help another person discern a choice for marriage, we are to be guided by wisdom and the principles given in Scripture. Following these principles will help us make a good choice and give sound advice, and they can help us avoid many problems down the road after the wedding. View Resource

  • God’s Holy People Devotional

    <p>Ephesians 1:1</p>

    As is true of the church’s unity, the church’s holiness is an already/not-yet reality. Already the church is holy in position, but we are not yet fully holy in practice. Thus, we are called to pursue personal holiness and to encourage our leaders to pursue corporate holiness. Let us encourage one another in our local churches to live holy lives because God has set us apart as holy. View Resource

  • God’s Initiative in Justification Devotional

    Titus 3:4–6

    God uses Word and sacrament, according to His good pleasure, to create and sustain faith in His elect. We will benefit from God’s promises only by faith, so merely hearing God’s Word preached and receiving baptism and the Lord’s Supper guarantee nothing. But these things necessarily reveal the promises of God, and our faith cannot be sustained without them. View Resource