• God-Breathed Scripture Devotional

    2 Timothy 3:16

    The process of biblical inspiration is mysterious, for we do not know exactly how God moved the human authors of Scripture to give us His Word. Nevertheless, we know that Scripture is the Word of God, and so it can be trusted to give us nothing but the truth of God. When we want to know God’s will for us, we must turn to Scripture, for it is there alone that we will find the Lord’s guidance. View Resource

  • God’s Final Revelation Devotional

    Hebrews 1:1–4

    Many people today claim to be Apostles. However, to be an Apostle, one must be an eyewitness of Jesus’ resurrection or be confirmed as an Apostle by other resurrection eyewitnesses (Acts 1:12–26; Gal. 1:18–2:10). This is impossible in our era, so there are no living Apostles giving us special revelation. We must be content with what we have—the Apostolic and prophetic words of Scripture. To look beyond these for a word from God is to look in vain. View Resource

  • The Goodness of God Devotional

    James 1:12–18

    God’s love is not a wishy-washy love that overlooks evil. Even in His love, God manifests His justice. He does not love sinners without dealing with their sin, and if we are in Christ, our sin has been dealt with in our Savior’s atonement. Let us proclaim all aspects of God’s goodness and call people to repent so that they will receive God’s goodness and His mercy. View Resource

  • Divine Omnipresence Devotional

    Jeremiah 23:23–24

    God’s omnipresence is a comforting truth. If God is everywhere, then we know He is never far away and can come quickly to our aid. Because He is present everywhere, we can know that He is acting in each and every place according to His holy will for our good and to achieve His purposes. This is true even when He seems to be far away. View Resource

  • Divine Infinity Devotional

    Psalm 147:5

    God’s being has no spatial limitations, but that does not mean there are not some things that the Lord cannot do. Our Creator, for example, is incapable of doing evil. He is morally constrained by His own character, which is perfectly good and holy. Because this holy God is infinite, He can bring His holiness to bear anywhere. No act of goodness or evil escapes His notice, so we should strive to obey our infinite God so that we will please Him. View Resource

  • The God Who Never Changes Devotional

    Malachi 3:6

    We live in a fallen world, and so it is easy to be fearful. Change is ever present, and not every change is positive. If we trust in Christ, however, we have no reason to be afraid. We are relying on the One who is incapable of changing and who will never allow His promises to fail. When we are fearful, let us remember that God and His goodness to us are unchanging; thus, we are ever secure in Him. View Resource

  • Speaking About God Devotional

    Psalm 18

    Analogical speech about God has its limits, but it is fully adequate to tell us truth about the Lord. As we hear God referred to as a rock, a light, a shepherd, and a host of other metaphors, we should think carefully on how the Lord is like such things. That will enrich our view of God and our prayers and worship. View Resource

  • Our Incomprehensible God Devotional

    Psalm 145:3

    God is unlike anything else we can study. We can master other subjects, but we can never master the Lord. His incomprehensibility means there will always be new things for us to learn about Him. Thus, we dare not think we have ever arrived at the point where we know God fully. We must study His Word deeply that we would know Him better every day. View Resource

  • The Trinity and God’s Love for His People Devotional

    John 17:20–26

    That the Father loves us—by grace—with the love He has for the Son is some of the best news we could ever hear. The Father cannot stop loving the Son, so if He chooses to set such love on us, He cannot stop loving us either. We persevere and have assurance because God loves us with an everlasting love. Let us be grateful for this love and call others to trust in Christ that they would know this love as well. View Resource

  • The Trinity and Christian Unity Devotional

    Ephesians 2:18

    God is truth, so the unity that He is effecting between believers is a unity grounded in truth. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit do not unite people by neglecting truth, so where we see essential truths being ignored or downplayed, we know that whatever “unity” produced is not truly the work of God. Let us strive for unity with other believers, but always in a way that honors the love of truth shared by the three persons of our triune Creator. View Resource

  • The Trinity and Redemption Devotional

    Jude 5

    God’s people are important to Him. That is proven in the fact that all three persons act to save us. We are not important to the Lord because of anything we are in ourselves. Rather, having decided to save us, God makes us important to Him. Because all of God is involved in our salvation, we know that He pays attention to whatever we are doing, saying, or thinking. View Resource

  • The Trinity and Atonement Devotional

    Hebrews 9:13–14

    Touching His divine nature, it was impossible for Christ to die. Touching His human nature, Christ could and did die. Christ could atone for our sin because He was truly man, but He was offered up for our salvation by all three members of the Trinity. In the humanity of Christ, God bore His own curse against sin, and now we live because of His work. Let us praise our Creator for His salvation. View Resource

  • The Trinity and Creation Devotional

    Genesis 1:1–2

    Because the three persons of the Trinity work in common, God is never at odds with Himself. One person does not coerce the others, but all three work in tandem to achieve Their common purposes. As His bride, we who form His church should strive for such unity of purpose that we might reflect His perfect unity to the world around us. View Resource

  • Divine Begottenness and Procession Devotional

    John 14:26

    Why should we care to know these things about divine unity and distinction? It is not merely to fill our heads with theological knowledge. These concepts give us a further glimpse at who God is, allowing us to be filled with awe at how much greater God is than we can imagine. Knowing His set-apartness moves us to worship Him for His greatness, and thus we fulfill the purpose for which we were made. View Resource

  • Perichōrēsis Devotional

    John 14:8–11

    Our doctrine of perichōrēsis shows the perfect unity of God. Because the three persons cannot be pulled apart, we know that They are never at odds with one another. The Father is never opposed to the Son or the Holy Spirit. This perfect unity means we can trust that when one of Them speaks, He is revealing the same purpose as the other two. God is not divided against Himself but speaks coherently and in an absolutely trustworthy manner. View Resource