• The Final Judgment Media Resource by

    Revelation 20:3-21:3

    After describing the fall of Babylon, the defeat of the beast, and the chaining of the dragon, John at last turns his attention to the eternal destruction that awaits the dragon in the lake of fire. Not only will God pass judgment on the dragon, but He will also resurrect every person who has ever lived to give an account for their actions. To those whose names appear in the Book of Life He promises an eternity of new life in a new heaven and new earth. View Resource

  • The Vindication of the Saints Media Resource by

    Revelation 14:14-16:9

    God will leave nothing undone. As John continues to relate his heavenly vision, the unfolding story of Revelation is one of completion. When the harvest of God’s elect is ready to be gathered, Jesus will welcome every saint into His fold; when the hour of judgment arrives, God will answer the martyrs’ unresolved cry for justice; when the heavenly host observe God’s treatment of the righteous and the wicked, they will erupt with praise and adoration for His holiness, justice, and truth. Christians in all ages can take heart that God is at work and will not fail to accomplish … View Resource

  • The Wicked Lament & the Saints Rejoice Media Resource by

    Revelation 18:9-19:10

    After describing the hubris and fall of the great prostitute Babylon, John describes the dismayed reaction of the global powers who benefited from her indulgent reign. In contrast to the bitter sorrow of the wicked at Babylon’s demise, John also presents the chorus of praise that erupts from the poor and lowly when this oppressive mistress meets her end. He then points his readers forward to the glorious scene surrounding the marriage supper of the Lamb, when the church will emerge as a dazzling bride ready to take her place at Jesus’ side. View Resource

  • The Day of Judgment Media Resource by

    Matthew 25:34

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  • For He Must Reign: God’s Sovereignty Over Eternity Media Resource by

    Matthew 25:31-46

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  • The Final Judgement Media Resource by

    Acts 17:30-32

    When we stop to think about all that we have said and done in our lives and how God will judge us, it is sobering to say the least. How should we, as Christians, view the final judgment? In this lesson, Dr. Sproul builds on our understanding of the final judgment and explains why those who are in Christ do not need to fear judgment. View Resource