• Faith and Reason Media Resource by

    Matthew 16:1-4

    This message will examine the relationship between faith and reason, with a focus on the significance of logic. View Resource

  • Faith, Part 1 Media Resource by

    James 2:19

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  • Faith, Part 2 Media Resource by

    Psalm 24:5-10

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  • Faith, Part 3 Media Resource by

    Revelation 3:15

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  • Foes & Friends: The Road to Interpreter’s House Media Resource by

    Some dangers in life are apparent, and others are not. As Christiana and her companions approached the wicket gate, they encountered unexpected opposition from the forces of darkness. In all ages, pilgrims need to remain vigilant and sober-minded even when things seem to be going well. Like Christiana, believers today benefit from the lessons and warnings that are found in the interpreter’s house. View Resource

  • For Justification by Faith Alone Media Resource by

    Galatians 1:3-9

    The doctrine of justification by faith alone was at the center of the Reformation debates. The Reformers declared that justification is by faith alone, not by faith and works. The biblical doctrine of justification by faith alone is absolutely essential to the Gospel, and Christians must beware of ever compromising any element of it. View Resource

  • Giving, Prayer, & Martyrdom Media Resource by

    1 Corinthians 13:3

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  • A Hopeful Vision Media Resource by

    Hebrews 11:1

    Scripture clearly teaches that we live by faith and not by sight. But does that mean that we are to have a blind faith? Is the Christian faith a vain hope in an unknowable and unseen world? Is there evidence for faith and what is faith evidence of? Reflecting on these thoughts in this message, Dr. Sproul discusses the faith which lays hold of the promises of God and gives us “A Hopeful Vision.” View Resource

  • An Interview with Dr. Gerstner Media Resource by ,

    What was the occasion of your conversion? When did you have your first personal encounter with God? In this special message, Dr. Sproul and Dr. John Gerstner talk about Gerstner’s personal account, and his life as a Christian. View Resource

  • A Model of Repentance Media Resource by

    Psalm 51:1-17

    Where does repentance fit in your life? Was repentance only a one-time thing you did when you first heard the gospel, or has it been a matter of practice since your conversion? Is the fear of not being able to repent in a way that God would accept a barrier for you? Do you struggle to find the right words to pray? Do you know what to ask for? How about a model prayer inspired by the Holy Spirit to guide you? Dr. Sproul teaches from Psalm fifty-one, looking at a prayer of repentance written by King David as “A … View Resource

  • The Nature of Saving Faith Media Resource by

    Romans 3:19-5:11

    Saving faith is not merely mental acceptance of the Gospel, and justification is not secured by a mere outward profession of faith. As Dr. Sinclair Ferguson will explain in this message, saving faith includes mental assent to the content of the Gospel, acknowledgement of our sin and need, and personal trust and reliance upon Christ and his work. View Resource

  • A New Journey Begins Media Resource by

    Acts 14:21-22

    After a follower of Jesus has departed from this life, God may continue to use his or her influence to change the lives of others. Even those whose hearts were once hardened against the gospel can later be softened by the memory of a believer’s testimony and the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit. In this message, we will turn our attention to the wife and children that Christian left behind when he began his pilgrimage to the Celestial City. Though they were once hostile to Christian’s faith, their attitudes have changed since his departure. View Resource

  • October 30, 1517: The Eve of the Reformation Media Resource by

    Matthew 4:17

    Most people remember October 31, 1517, as the day Martin Luther nailed the Ninety-Five Theses. But what drove him to list a series of theological statements for public dispute? Why did he focus on the importance of repentance for the Christian life? What did he want to achieve? In this session, Dr. Sproul Jr. considers what lessons can be learned from the life of Martin Luther on the eve of the Reformation. View Resource

  • The Order of Grace Media Resource by

    Luke 15

    To be sure, repentance is necessary for salvation, but to make it a condition for faith in Christ is a distortion of the gospel. In this lesson, Dr. Ferguson bridges a great divide in the Marrow Controversy: the relationship between repentance and faith. View Resource

  • Orthodoxy Media Resource by

    Matthew 7:21-23

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