• Gideon and the Fleece Devotional

    Judges 6:33–40

    We are tempted to ask God for a sign when we must make important life decisions. However, to think that a sign is necessary is to misunderstand how God guides us. The Lord has given us the principles in His Word for how we should make decisions, and we are to apply those principles with wisdom. Thus, we are free to choose any option that does not violate Scripture and know that we are not outside of the will of God. View Resource

  • Doubting Thomas Devotional

    John 20:24–29

    Christian faith is not against evidence. In fact, our faith is based on evidence. We believe because of the historical testimony of the Apostles to the ministry of Christ. It is no virtue to take a blind leap of faith; rather, we should know the reasons undergirding our trust in Christ. All of us should strive to have a basic knowledge of the historical evidence for the person and work of Christ. View Resource