• Starting Out Well Devotional

    2 Kings 11:21–12:16

    Jehoiada’s positive influence shows us that we should not grow weary in doing good and in passing on the faith to others. As we seek to teach our relatives and others the tenets of our faith, we can get discouraged when it seems that they just are not getting it. However, we must press on, for the impact we may have can be incredibly positive for the sake of the kingdom. Let us not grow weary in seeking to influence others positively for the kingdom of God. View Resource

  • Discipleship as Rest Devotional

    Matthew 16:24-25

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  • The Mark of True Discipleship Devotional

    John 8:31–32

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John: “It’s not the profession that gets you into the kingdom. It’s the possession. We must possess what we profess.” He refers, of course, to faith. A profession of faith alone will not save us, and neither will knowing the precise moment we came to faith. What saves us is the possession of faith. If we trust in Christ now, we are saved. Are you trusting in Christ? View Resource

  • And They Followed Jesus Devotional

    John 1:29-51

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  • Jesus Meets Simon Devotional

    John 1:40–42

    God has gifted the body of Christ with many different people who have many different gifts, experiences, and levels of knowledge. All of us can benefit from one another no matter how long we have been believers, and all of us can be a blessing to others. Let us seek to learn from others in the church and to be a means of edifying them as well. View Resource

  • Becoming Disciples of Jesus Devotional

    John 1:35–39

    To be a true disciple of John the Baptist was to heed what he said about the Messiah and follow the Christ when He arrived. If we are to be true disciples of God’s Word, then we must likewise follow Christ. As we study the Scriptures, let us look for how God’s Word points to Jesus and let us commit ourselves to following Him wherever He leads. View Resource

  • Make Every Moment Count Devotional

    1 Peter 1:13

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  • Right Now Truly Counts Forever Devotional

    Luke 9:23

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  • The Key of the Gospel Devotional

    John 3:31–36

    Preachers open and close the door to the kingdom not by their own authority but by the authority of God’s Word. As they faithfully preach the gospel, they open up the way of salvation and call people to follow this way into the kingdom through faith in Jesus Christ. But if they do not preach the gospel, they keep the door closed and the way of salvation hidden to unbelievers. We must therefore encourage our pastors as they preach the gospel. View Resource

  • Proclaiming Christ Devotional

    Colossians 1:28-29

    God calls all of us to take part in the teaching ministry of the church, though not all of us have the same role. Some will be ordained teachers. Others will help their children memorize Scripture. Still others may support the work of ministries that help train indigenous pastors around the world. There are a variety of ways to advance the proclamation of the gospel. What are you doing to further the church’s teaching ministry? View Resource

  • Pushing Through Plateaus Devotional

    What steps can you take to institute a personal program of spiritual growth? View Resource

  • Exhorting Women Properly Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:2

    Sexual immorality is a sin that causes the church to be slandered, so men and women alike should take care never to get into a situation where the propriety of a relationship can be legitimately questioned. Let us do what we can to promote chastity within the church. We are to be the light of the world, whose love for one another is a beacon of hope to our fallen culture. Mutual respect between all ages and sexes in the church is essential to fulfilling this task. View Resource

  • Encouraging Young and Old Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:1

    John Calvin says that today’s passage teaches us that pastors “must not only take into account their office, but must also see particularly what is due to the age of individuals.” Pastors especially must be sensitive to the age of the person with whom they are dealing, but all of God’s people must do the same. Older people should be patient with younger people. Younger people should respect their elders. All should treat one another with generous love. View Resource

  • Timothy’s High Calling Devotional

    1 Timothy 4:11-12

    Besides the many difficulties of ministry that young pastors must learn to deal with, they have the extra hurdle of youth, which can unfairly render them suspect in the eyes of many congregants. We should treat young leaders with understanding and do all we can to support them in order that they might be encouraged to continue in ministry for the long haul. Let us all do what we can to respect and encourage those who are shepherds of God’s people, no matter their age. View Resource

  • Training in Faith Devotional

    1 Timothy 4:6-7a

    What do you talk about when you are with other believers? Catching them up on the current events of your life is important, but you can be sure that you are being a good servant of Jesus when you discuss with them the things you are learning from Scripture. What about your conversations with non-Christians? Do you look for ways to proclaim the good news, even if only briefly? Let us pray that we would take advantage of any such opportunities the Lord gives us. View Resource