• Why do some Christians use the Westminster Confession while others use the Three Forms of Unity? Question and Answer

    Coming out of the Reformation there were different branches, but they all agreed on a couple of things. They agreed that they were against Catholicism. They agreed on the five solas of the Reformation. They were committed to the sovereignty of God. Because of sola Scriptura, they were committed to preaching the Word. So, they had all that in common, but there really were different branches of the Reformation. There were the Lutherans, and the Lutheran church was initially the evangelisch, or the “of the gospel” church in Germany. Their standard was the Augsburg Confession, and later the Book of … View Resource

  • How do creeds and confessions help us? Question and Answer

    Those who understand the place of creeds and confessions understand how helpful they are to the church. My concern is for those who don’t know the creeds and the historic Reformed confessions and thus don’t refer to them or use them on a regular basis. Often, if they’re not using them, are not aware of them, or haven’t studied them, typically they are basing their faith on a very short confessional statement that either their church or some organization has made up. All churches have to have some sort of basic confessional statement to some degree. But if they don’t … View Resource

  • How important are creeds and confessions? Question and Answer

    From the very earliest time in the history of the church, the church has not only proclaimed the truth of sacred Scripture, but also dealt with distortions and radical departures from biblical truth in the appearance of multiple heresies that have threatened the church. One of the earliest creeds, thought to be the very first Christian creed, was the simple statement, “Jesus is Lord.” This came out of the context of a loyalty oath imposed by the Roman Empire. Christians were required to say publicly, “Kaiser kurios” (“Caesar is Lord”). The Christian church in the first century was quite willing … View Resource

  • Is it important that a church subscribe to a confession? Why or why not? Question and Answer

    Anything smaller than that, or theoretically larger, will not give you the stability that a solid confession of faith will do. For example, you might say, “The Bible is our confession.” But that wouldn’t help us. All that tells us is that the contents of this book constitute our confession. The real question is, “Tell me what are the contents of this book are.” A really good confession of faith is a summary of the theology of the Bible, written, of course, in a particular historical context but with a view to the people of God in every place and … View Resource