• Is it acceptable to interpret Adam as an allegory, not a historical person? Question and Answer

    Genesis 1-3

    SPROUL: This issue is really becoming hot in our day, and it’s critical. It’s critical not only for the teachings of Genesis, but for the teachings of the Apostle Paul and of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you negotiate Adam’s headship of the human race and try to mix it up with theistic evolution, you’re on a roller coaster without any brakes. MACARTHUR: The question I always ask about this is: Where in the Bible did you come to that conclusion? Where is that in Scripture? That’s not in Genesis. The next question would be, Do you believe the account … View Resource

  • How can I help my evolutionist son respect both science and Scripture? Question and Answer

    Let’s just back off the Scripture point for a moment. To start having a respect for science, you would have to have a respect for reason. Reason would say this: this entire universe does not exist because of a series of unrelated accidents. To believe it does is not reason; it’s insanity. That’s when you put somebody in a padded cell. Reason basically operates on one basis: cause and effect. You see a cause and an effect, then another cause and effect, and you track it. That’s what reason does. It is a form of insanity to look at the … View Resource