• The Covenant of Grace Media Resource by

    Hebrews 9:16-17

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  • The Christ of the Covenant Media Resource by

    1 Corinthians 15:20-26

    Jesus lived and died on our behalf in order to secure the blessings of the covenant once and for all. In this lecture, Dr. Sproul explains how Christ Jesus fully completed the covenant for our benefit, and encourages us to anticipate with hope that final day in which we will be raised to eternal life. View Resource

  • The New Covenant (Part 1) Media Resource by

    Jeremiah 31:31-34

    What makes the New Covenant different from the other covenants? How does that term “new” apply to the New Covenant? In this message, Dr. Sproul teaches us about the relationship the New Covenant has to all the others that have preceded it, and when it began. View Resource

  • Covenant Theology and the Internal Attack on Reformation Media Resource by

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  • Blessing or Curse? Media Resource by

    When God deals with mankind, He does so in the framework of covenants. In biblical covenants, God has sovereignly administered terms and conditions that must be met, with the promise of blessing if kept, and the threat of penalty, or curse if not. Born under the curse, none of us have fulfilled the demands of God perfectly. But Jesus did, and yet went to the cross anyway. As Christians living by faith, how are we to understand the cross in light of the covenants? Was it a blessing or curse? Here R.C. gives his answer in how the Christian is … View Resource

  • Covenant Media Resource by

    Are we as Christians saved by works, or by faith alone? The key to understanding what part works and faith play in the drama of redemption is to understand the biblical structure and role of covenants. Without a proper understanding of covenants we fail to grasp the grandeur of Christ’s life and work. In this message, Dr. Sproul gives us the covenantal framework of redemption that finds full resolution in the work of Christ. View Resource

  • God’s Promise to Judah Media Resource by

    Genesis 49:1-12

    The shepherds of Bethlehem, and whatever animals were present that holy night, gazed upon the Lion of Judah—the promised new-born King. What is the historical significance of that majestic title given to the lowly, babe in the manger? In this message entitled “God’s Promise to Judah,” Dr. Sproul shows how the promised blessings of the gospel were passed down and fulfilled through the person of Christ. View Resource

  • Israel and the End Times Media Resource by

    Romans 11:1-27

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  • Be Satisfied! Media Resource by

    Exodus 20:17

    What are the similarities between the old covenant and the new covenant? In God’s Law and the Christian, Dr. R.C. Sproul examines the old covenant law and explains how it is similar yet distinct from the new covenant. View Resource

  • The Ancient Contract Media Resource by

    Exodus 20:1-3

    God has sovereignly established a contract with His people called a covenant. But the stipulations and terms are not hidden in the fine print. How much negotiating power do we have in God’s covenants? In “The Ancient Contract,” Dr. Sproul considers this as he explains the structure and content of the covenant God established with His people. View Resource

  • The Broken Contract Media Resource by

    Hosea 4:1

    As sinners, we break God’s law every day. God has countless charges He could hold against us. But there are some sins in particular that God is concerned with. What is it that God the Judge is most displeased with? In this message entitled “The Broken Contract,” Dr. Sproul explains God’s response to His people when they break His covenant. View Resource

  • Adam, Our Representative Media Resource by

    Did Adam misrepresent you in the Garden of Eden? Was God’s judgment of mankind unjust because He chose your representative for you? Considering these questions, Dr. Sproul explains how there was no better representative for mankind than Adam, in this message entitled “Adam, Our Representative.” View Resource

  • The Gospel First Announced Media Resource by

    Genesis 3:14-15

    When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden, the initial consequence was that all of creation was cursed. But something else happened, too. What good consequence followed the Fall of Adam and Eve? Answering this question, Dr. Sproul takes us back to a pivotal scene in the unfolding drama to see what God can do with a bad situation, in this message entitled “The Gospel First Announced.” View Resource

  • The Covenants Media Resource by

    Hebrews 8:3-6

    In Scripture, God relates to His people according to covenant. In this lesson, Dr. Sproul outlines the three major covenants that serve as the framework of Scripture. View Resource