• Which attribute of God do you think is most neglected today? Question and Answer

    We certainly have seen a Reformed resurgence and a recovery of the sovereignty of God to a certain extent. As strange as this may sound, I think the wrath of God is the most neglected attribute today. I think the doctrine of hell and preaching on hell have been forgotten by the church. That’s a reflection of the fact that we have lost sight of the wrath and the vengeance of God. Another attribute that needs to be continually reintroduced is the aseity of God. Aseity refers to the sufficiency of God in Himself, which means that He has no … View Resource

  • Are you hopeful for another spiritual awakening in our day? Question and Answer

    SPROUL: I’m a Calvinist—how can I not be hopeful? I see all kinds of encouraging signs of the revitalization of the church in our own day. At the same time, on the other side of the spectrum, we see dreadful decay in the life of the church. There are so many things being eclipsed that are vital to the truth of Christianity, but you have to have a scope beyond the United States. Worldwide, I see all kinds of resurgence of powerful Christianity, and I’m encouraged by it. THOMAS: I have just read a brand new biography of Luther, and … View Resource

  • What do you think the church will look like in the next 10 to 20 years? Question and Answer

    That’s hard to predict because trends used to come every twenty years, then every ten years, then every year, and now every week. It’s hard to keep up with the trends. The faces of churches are changing as fast as the culture changes, and that’s frightening. I’ve been at Grace Church now for fifty years. If you were there forty years ago and you were there now, you would say, “This is the same as it was,” because we know what the Word of God tells us to do and we’re just doing what we’ve always done. We pay no … View Resource

  • Do you think there is an increase of expository preaching in American churches today? Question and Answer

    Yes, I do. I would say there is a greater openness to expository preaching in the American church. I would also say that I am most encouraged by young men entering the ministry who are, right up front, settled that the faithful way to handle God’s Word is through biblical exposition. It makes me all the more encouraged for the days to come. I’m grateful for the encouraging signs, but I pray for revival with the preaching of God’s Word all the more, as we are seeing an overt change in the culture away from biblical truth. We need to … View Resource

  • What is the biggest issue we face in the church today? Question and Answer

    I think the biggest problem we face in the church today is a very, very serious failure to understand the person and work of Jesus. Christology has been the single most important thing throughout the ages. The great eras of controversy in matters of understanding Jesus were the fourth century, the fifth century, the nineteenth century, and the twentieth century. Here we are, early in the twenty-first century, and the issues that came up in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries about the deity of Christ, His atoning work, and all that He has accomplished didn’t go away when Y2K took … View Resource