• Our Consciences and Our Guilt Devotional

    Jeremiah 3:3

    The Holy Spirit works through our reading, studying, and hearing God’s Word in order to awaken us to our guilt. He particularly works through our study of the law of God to convict us of sin and to point us to the only remedy, Jesus Christ (Gal. 3:15–29). One of the best ways we can ensure that our consciences are formed according to the Word of God is to study and delight in the law of God. View Resource

  • Shades of Gray Devotional

    1 Corinthians 10:31

    Though the Spirit grants us new life in Christ, this does not mean we immediately overcome our ignorance of God’s ways. Instead, the Spirit works through Scripture, illuminating it as we read and hear it so that we might learn what the Lord requires of us in every instance. The only way we can grow in our ability to discern what pleases God is to meditate on His Word, for its commands are the basic building blocks of Christian ethics. View Resource

  • Listening to Your Conscience Devotional

    Reflect on this statement: “To act for men is to act against God.” View Resource

  • The Price of a Man Devotional

    Luke 4:1-13

    Voices all around us are tempting us to give up our integrity, especially when others are not looking. Satan tempted Jesus to give in when no one else was around, but He resisted the lie that He would not be sacrificing anything even if He alone would know about it. Are you faithful to the Lord even when you are alone? How are you tempted to give in when no one else is around, and what are you doing to avoid such temptations? View Resource

  • Disciplining Blasphemers Devotional

    1 Timothy 1:19b-20

    Church discipline is much-neglected today largely because professing Christians have adopted the pervasive attitude in modern Western culture that says authority to determine right and wrong resides in the individual. Scripture, however, gives the church real authority, and the pronouncements of a church body are binding when they agree with God’s Word. Consider the ways in which you need to submit to the authority of your local church. View Resource

  • The Awakened Conscience Devotional

    Hebrews 9

    Write a brief account of how God awakened your conscience. If you were converted as a child, you might not remember. If this is the case, write a brief account of a time in your life when God used your conscience to show you a particular sin. What role did preaching, teaching, other Christians, and the Bible play in your conviction? View Resource

  • The Echo of Conscience Devotional

    Romans 2

    If God has given all people a conscience, why is there so much moral decay in our society (Rom. 1)? What role does the church play in restraining sin (Matt. 1)? What role does the individual Christian play? During the week, compare your behavior and ideas to those of unbelievers. Is there much difference? Are you salt and light? View Resource

  • Knowing Yourself Devotional

    Lamentations 3:40–66

    Are your work habits, spiritual duties and beliefs, recreational habits, etc., in accord with God’s will? Choose one area in question to focus on this week. Search the Scriptures for biblical principles to guide you. After you’ve studied relevant verses, what does your conscience tell you concerning your behavior? View Resource