• A Contrite Repentance Media Resource by

    Psalm 51:14-19

    Do you have what is required for true biblical repentance? Repentance is essential, and not just repentance, but genuine repentance. Now that the ultimate sacrifice has been offered, what prevents us from genuine repentance today? In this message, Dr. Sproul discusses the essential posture of heart and mind for biblical repentance as he reminds us of the importance of “A Contrite Repentance.” View Resource

  • Coram Deo: A Fearful and Joyful Experience Media Resource by

    Psalm 51:9-13

    Every moment of our lives is lived out before the face of God, yet there are moments when we wish He wouldn’t look at us. That is because sin has stained our hearts. So what do we do? In this message entitled “Coram Deo: A Fearful and Joyful Experience,” Dr. Sproul discusses the effect sin has on the children of God and what God has in store for the repentant. View Resource

  • Psalm 32: The Joy of Forgiveness Media Resource by

    Psalm 32

    When God restored you after your sin, what did you do next? In Psalm 51 we read David’s many supplications to God asking to be washed, purged and restored. David pleaded with God to hide his face from his sin, to restore the joy of his salvation, and deliver him from bloodguiltiness. So what happened? What is the rest of the story? Dr. Sproul tells us in this message entitled “The Joy of Forgiveness.” View Resource

  • God’s Just Judgment Media Resource by

    Psalm 51:4-5

    It is typical for a fallen child of Adam to question God’s justice concerning original sin. Coming from a fallen nature, it only seems natural for a sinner to question the fairness of the imputation of sin. But as David confesses in the 51st Psalm, our complaint is not valid. In this message, Dr. Sproul explores the justice of God both in the imputation of sin to the sons of Adam and to the Son of God, as he looks at “God’s Just Judgement.” View Resource

  • Purging the Inward Parts Media Resource by

    Psalm 51:6-8

    Although becoming a child of God is a onetime event, repentance is a life-long practice that must come from the depths of our souls. From whence comes your repentance? In this message entitled “Purging the Inward Parts,” Dr. Sproul discusses the need for genuine heartfelt repentance and what to expect once it is offered. View Resource

  • Father Mapple’s Sermon Media Resource by

    Have you ever heard of the preaching ministry of Father Mapple? His sermon on the life of Jonah has been read by millions around the world. In this message, Dr. Sproul discusses the depth of Jonah’s sin and the example he has laid for us in repentance, as he exposits “Father Mapple’s Sermon.” View Resource