• Israel Puts Away Foreign Gods Devotional

    1 Samuel 7

    Today’s passage shows us that we cannot expect God’s blessing apart from lives of repentance. Although our Lord is exceedingly gracious and frequently blesses us even when we remain in sin, we dare not presume upon His kindness. If we want to enjoy His blessings, we must seek daily to identify the sins in our lives and to turn from them. Let us pray that God would show us our sin and help us repent this day. View Resource

  • How Should We Confess Our Sins? Devotional

    1 John 1:9

    View Resource

  • The Prayer of Confession Devotional

    2 Corinthians 7:9–10

    The dividing line between contrition and attrition can be hard to discern. It is therefore vital that we know the holiness of God, because the better we know His holiness, the more we will be cognizant that the greatest offense in our sin is against the Lord Himself. When we confess our sin, let us be concerned first with how we have broken God’s holy law and have acted against His majestic character. View Resource