• How can Christians grieve over their sin without denying God’s grace? Question and Answer

    It’s very important to preach the gospel to yourself every day, to remind yourself every morning: “‘Nothing in my hands I bring, simply to Thy cross I cling.’ There is absolutely nothing I can do to improve my status of justification. I am justified by faith alone in Christ alone.” Historically, there are aspects of preaching repentance that veer into a kind of legalism that suggests you must demonstrate a certain quality of repentance, or it somehow undermines the nature of your justification. That’s a spiral that can lead to legalism. Clearly understanding the difference between the indicative and the … View Resource

  • Is there a point where we can go too far in confessing our sins to one another? Question and Answer

    NICHOLS: If it’s a particular sin against a brother or a sister, sometimes we think, “Well, I’ve confessed that to God. I’m now forgiven of that sin.” But I think we do have another obligation if it was a particular sin and a particular offense. Yes, we confess that sin to God, because ultimately all sins are sins against God. But we also have an obligation to go to that brother or sister and confess that offense and seek restoration and even restitution, if necessary, so that we can have fellowship again within the body of Christ. But there are … View Resource