• Chapter 1:11-2:10 Media Resource by

    Galatians 1:11-2:10

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  • Chapter 2:11-21 Media Resource by

    Galatians 2:11-21

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  • Raising Up Leaders Media Resource by

    The faith once delivered to the saints must be handed down from generation to generation. In this lesson, Dr. Dever offers nine marks for identifying, growing, and training elders for the sake of a healthy church. View Resource

  • Missions Media Resource by

    History is a tale of God’s mission of reconciling the world to Himself. In this lesson, Dr. Dever shares what a great privilege it is to be a part of God’s mission to the nations, an essential concern and mark of a healthy church. View Resource

  • Reasons to Join a Church Media Resource by

    If you want to be a healthy Christian, you need to be a part of a healthy church. In this lesson, Dr. Dever gives reasons to join a local church—a practice that is obligatory for the Christian and has served as the pattern for Christians since the first century. View Resource

  • The Great Commission Media Resource by

    He who has been given all authority in heaven and on earth has commissioned us. In this lesson, Dr. Dever shows that God established the church so that we might fulfill this Great Commission. View Resource

  • Corporate Prayer Media Resource by

    Prayer is central to the Christian life, so it is no surprise that it is also central in a healthy church. In this lesson, Dr. Dever illustrates the prayer life of a healthy church while emphasizing the content, context, purpose, and power of prayer. View Resource

  • Membership Media Resource by

    Membership in a local church is a prerequisite for fulfilling our obligations to one another. In this lesson, Dr. Leeman defines church membership and connects it to the responsibility of the individual and the church to all that God commands. View Resource

  • Discipleship & Growth Media Resource by

    The local church is essential for Christian discipleship—growing in Christ and helping others to grow in Christ. In this lesson, Dr. Dever covers the role of the pastor, congregation, and individual for discipleship in a healthy church. View Resource

  • Evangelism Media Resource by

    A biblical understanding and practice of evangelism is a distinguishing mark of a healthy church and the great privilege of every Christian on this side of eternity. In this lesson, Dr. Dever defines what evangelism is and what it is not. View Resource

  • Discipline Media Resource by

    Church discipline is not popular, but it is nonetheless a necessary dimension of a church’s faithfulness to God and His people. In this lesson, Dr. Leeman defines church discipline and how it is a necessary and loving mark of a healthy church. View Resource

  • Leadership Media Resource by

    Scripture clearly establishes the context and the role of church leadership. In this lesson, Dr. Dever explains how the context of leadership is the congregation and how the role of leadership is the faithful work of elders and deacons. View Resource

  • What Is the Church? Media Resource by

    To understand what the church is, we must first have an idea about what the church is supposed to be. In this lesson, Dr. Dever examines Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians to show us how the church is to reflect God’s character. View Resource

  • Conversion Media Resource by

    The health of a church can be measured by its understanding of conversion, as it flows naturally from a right understanding of the gospel. In this lesson, Dr. Dever discusses how biblical conversion is possible and why it is necessary. View Resource

  • Expositional Preaching Media Resource by

    Whether you are currently a member of a local church or are looking for a local church, knowing the marks of a healthy church is vital. In this lesson, Dr. Dever covers the first and most important mark of a healthy church: expositional preaching. View Resource