• Vital Members Article by John MacArthur

    FROM TABLETALK | May 2005

    I have often spoken out against all the pragmatic and “seeker-sensitive” approaches to contemporary worship because they tend to diminish the proper place of preaching and replace it with quasi-spiritual forms of sheer entertainment (music, comedy, drama, and whatnot). Any trend that threatens the centrality of God’s Word in our corporate worship is a dangerous trend. But one of the most disturbing side effects of the seeker-sensitive fad is something I haven’t said as much about: When one of the main aims of a ministry philosophy is to keep people entertained, church members inevitably become mere spectators. The architects of … View Resource

  • One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church Article by Kim Riddlebarger

    FROM TABLETALK | June 2004

    I hope this does not come as a shock, but the Christian church wasn’t founded by the Jesus People in the 1960s. Nor was the church founded by Billy Graham or even by Charles Finney a century earlier. The church was not founded by Jonathan Edwards or George Whitefield during the First Great Awakening. The church was fifteen centuries old when Martin Luther and John Calvin sought to reform it at the time of the Reformation. Yes, there is a sense in which the church is as old as Adam and Eve and the first family. And Calvin was correct … View Resource

  • One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church Article by R.C. Sproul

    FROM TABLETALK | June 2004

    One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty ….” We say it. We argue about it (especially the “under God” part). But is it true? In reality, how united is the United States? The “more perfect union” sought by Lincoln is hardly perfect in terms of harmony. We are a nation — morally, philosophically, and religiously — deeply divided. Yet there remains the outward shell of formal and organizational unity. We have union without unity. As it is with the “United” States, so it is with the unity of the Christian church. The “oneness” of the church is one of the … View Resource

  • Will the Real Church Please Stand Up? Article by Keith Mathison

    FROM TABLETALK | June 2004

    When I was a child, there was a popular game show on television called “To Tell the Truth.” In the game, three contestants would claim to be the same person — Bill Smith, for example. Four celebrities would question the contestants in an attempt to determine who was telling the truth. Finally the host would ask the big question, “Will the real Bill Smith please stand up?” I do not remember how the game was actually won or lost, but I do think about the host’s final question sometimes when I think about the church. We confess in the Nicene … View Resource

  • A Woman’s Mandate Article by Elisabeth Elliot

    FROM TABLETALK | February 1996

    When speaking to a group of pastors’ wives I learned that 80 percent of them were working full time outside of the home. I was shocked. Is it wrong for a pastor’s wife—or any other wife—to have a job? There is another question that should be asked first: Has God said anything about women’s work? The consensus among Christians seems to be that careers for women are not only permissible but to be encouraged. If we take a careful look at the scriptural lists of womanly responsibilities (1 Tim. 5:9, 10 and Titus 2:3–5), we may ask whether there is … View Resource