• Praying for the King Devotional

    Psalm 72:1–11

    Christians who live under governments that are hostile to the interests of the church may find it difficult to pray for their rulers. Scripture, however, does not tell us to pray for our leaders according to their godliness. In fact, if even the best old covenant kings who knew the Lord needed prayer, how much more do ungodly rulers need it? May we be encouraged to pray regularly for our leaders no matter how just or unjust they might be. View Resource

  • The Vanity of Political Power Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 4:13-16

    Over the centuries, understanding the fleeting nature of political power has helped the church to stand firm in the midst of persecution. When one understands that the rulers of this earth have influence and might only temporarily but that God’s reign is eternal, it is much easier to stand firm in God’s truth when this world demands that we deny it. We are citizens of “a kingdom that cannot be shaken,” and our faithfulness in suffering carries with it an eternal reward. View Resource

  • Spokesmen for God Devotional

    Exodus 7:1-7

    Because God has fully and finally revealed Himself in His Son, we believe that the Lord does not call people to the office of prophet today (Heb. 1:1–4). That does not mean, however, that there is no one to be God’s spokesperson today. Preachers who faithfully preach the Word of God do speak for Him insofar as their messages are faithful to the Bible. When the preacher delivers a sermon that is faithful to Scripture, we are bound to heed it. View Resource

  • Teachers Devotional

    James 3:1

    God holds accountable all of the teachers in His church, whether they lead the two-year-old Sunday school class or teach a graduate-level seminary course. Thus, all Christian teachers must study diligently and work hard to present their subjects clearly and without error. As the church, we can encourage our teachers in this by offering training opportunities and other helps to make sure our teachers are fully and properly equipped to handle God’s Word rightly. View Resource

  • Bishops/Elders Devotional

    1 Peter 2:12

    We are to take the words and example of our elders seriously because they prepare us for the judgment seat of Christ. They preach the gospel, administer the sacraments, and discipline us so that we might be converted, brought back from sin, and built up in faith. Let us never forget the important, God-ordained role they play in the Christian life, and may we never be so arrogant as to think that we do not need to be in submission to a gospel-centered church. View Resource

  • Apostles Devotional

    Ephesians 2:19–20

    The prophets and apostles have given us a sure foundation—the inerrant and infallible Scriptures. We do not expect God to give us new revelation today but only to lead the church into a deeper understanding of the truth He has already delivered to His saints. The words of the Apostles recorded in the Bible must be enough for us, and we are not to follow others who claim to be Apostles today. View Resource

  • The Gift of Officers Devotional

    Ephesians 4:11

    All Christians rest upon the teaching of the apostles and prophets in sacred Scripture, but God has ordained that evangelists, pastors, and teachers are also necessary for healthy spiritual growth. The Lord does not ordinarily bring us to maturity through studying the Bible in isolation, but He uses these officers and others to instruct, admonish, and encourage us. Do you appreciate the pastors, teachers, and evangelists in your life? View Resource

  • The Love and Peace of Christ Devotional

    Colossians 3:14-15

    When church elders, committees, and other bodies need to make a decision, their choice should in large measure be based upon what will bring peace to the church in the matter without compromising the gospel of Jesus Christ. Similarly, as individuals in the body, we are to make choices about what we do and say based on whether or not these actions will bring peace or create unnecessary conflict. View Resource

  • Watching the Teaching Devotional

    1 Timothy 4:16

    Take some time today to look over 1 Timothy as a conclusion to our study of this epistle. Thank God for the gift of His Word and for its transforming message. Make sure that you are in a church that faithfully teaches Scripture and pray that you would always be one who guards the truth with your very life. Let us all encourage one another in faithfulness to the gospel and be willing to die for it, should that ever become necessary. View Resource

  • The Revelation of Character Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:24-25

    A man cannot hide his character from God, but it can remain unknown to others. This practical observation should always be kept in mind as men are considered for church office. But even if we are not candidates for leadership, our love for Christ and His church is just as important, and it will become manifest (or not) at some point in our lives. If you struggle to express this love, deliberately seek to serve the church according to your gifts today. View Resource

  • Honoring Church Elders Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:17-18

    The way in which we value goods or services is seen in the amount we are willing to pay for them. We have no qualms about spending money in order to get the best medical care or receive the best food in a restaurant. Why, then, are we too often unwilling to make sure those who teach us the life-giving Word of God are able to make a decent living? The amount of time and money we give to the servants of the church reflects our valuing of their service. View Resource

  • The Family’s Debt to Widows Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:3-4

    Only those with no other recourse are to receive financial assistance from the church, not those who cannot afford food because they refuse to give up cable television, Internet service, lavish living, and other discretionary expenses. If you need the church’s financial assistance, make sure that you have exhausted all other possible avenues of support before you ask for aid. If you are not in need, endeavor to support the poor with wisdom. View Resource

  • The Pastor’s Priorities Devotional

    1 Timothy 4:13

    Without even knowing it, our expectations can be part of the problem in the church’s lack of focus on teaching in our day. When we choose churches based simply on the extent of their youth activities or the style of music, we are implicitly saying that the quality of the teaching and the faithfulness of the pastor to biblical preaching are not all that important. Whatever we expect of our preacher, let us expect him first of all to feed us the Word of God. View Resource

  • A Deacon’s Reward Devotional

    1 Timothy 3:13

    Our reticence to serve others may be one of the many things that can prevent us from serving Jesus boldly. Whether we are ever ordained to the office of deacon or not, we must never forget that greatness in the kingdom of God belongs to those who become the servants of other people (Matt. 20:20–28). Consider today how you can serve another person in your congregation who is in need and then go and serve them. Thank your deacons for all their work. View Resource

  • The Deacon’s Home Devotional

    1 Timothy 3:12

    We who belong to God’s household need to keep in mind that a person’s way of life identifies him as a potential church servant, not his charisma, social influence, or good looks. Our culture prizes these things, but we must esteem only those who live a life of repentance and proven character. As you help identify your congregation’s elders and deacons, make sure that the quality of godliness is your chief concern. View Resource