• Divorce Article by R.C. Sproul

    FROM TABLETALK | December 2011

    In 1948, the famous Harvard social historian Pitirim Sorokin wrote an essay in which he sounded an alarm about the rapid disintegration of the stability of the American culture. In this essay, Sorokin pointed out that in 1910 the divorce rate in America was ten percent. Yet from 1910 to 1948, the rate of divorce in America escalated from ten to twenty-five percent. Sorokin indicated that if a quarter of the homes in any given nation are broken by divorce, the stability of the nation cannot endure. Its culture is torn to shreds. Arguing that the family unit is the … View Resource

  • Open and Shut Article by Kim Riddlebarger

    FROM TABLETALK | July 2009

    Q. What is the Office of the Keys?  A. The preaching of the Holy Gospel and Christian discipline; by these two the kingdom of heaven is opened to believers and shut against unbelievers. (Heidelberg Catechism, Q&A 83) Church discipline is one of those topics no one really wants to talk about. Not only do people fear that such discipline entails church officers snooping around in their private business and then outing their private sins to others in the church, church members also don’t want to be perceived as being judgmental toward others. If snooping is what biblical church discipline entails, … View Resource

  • Something Different Article by Matt Schmucker

    FROM TABLETALK | March 2009

    Matt, I don’t understand how you and Steve can be a part of the same church given what you each believe and practice.” This came from a young woman with whom my wife and I had been sharing the gospel. “I don’t understand,” I replied. She said, “Steve lives with his girlfriend, which seems inconsistent with what you tell me a Christian should believe and do.”  I was speechless. I didn’t know the young woman knew Steve, nor did I know Steve lived with his girlfriend. Since I did not know Steve that well myself, I went to our pastor, … View Resource