• Do you think the state will soon require churches to perform same-sex weddings? Question and Answer

    THOMAS: The church is not tied to the state, so the state can’t mandate what the church does, and the state cannot mandate what the church believes. If it came to a point where the state was insisting that individual churches perform homosexual marriages, we would be much further down the line than we are right now. Is that possible? Yes, I suppose it’s possible. But at the minute, unless you’re a church that’s affiliated with the state, such as the Church of England, the Anglican Church, it’s not here yet. In the Anglican Church, Parliament would dictate the rules … View Resource

  • In this day when the gospel is considered offensive, how can I work without losing my job? Question and Answer

    That’s a question you need to go and ask your pastor or minister really. That’s not the kind of question that can be answered just in a blanket way. But one of the things I would say to people is, please read through the New Testament, moving from the Gospels and also to the letters. You will find in the New Testament a phenomenal amount of instruction about how to live in a world that’s antagonistic to the gospel. If you think about it, the New Testament world was a pre-Christian world. We are now living—certainly in the United Kingdom, … View Resource

  • Since the Bible is sufficient for all of life, should we rule out psychology in counseling? Question and Answer

    HORTON: This is where a quote from Calvin is so helpful. The Anabaptists, the radical Protestants of Calvin’s day, believed that secular learning itself—secular culture, secular science, secular rhetoric, and logic—was sinful. We should just study the Bible and get everything out of the Bible. And the Reformers just were completely opposed to that idea, because it was undermining this very doctrine of God’s common grace—that God has graced the world with all sorts of truth, goodness, and beauty that we cannot destroy, though we would if we could. And that the Holy Spirit is at work, restraining people from … View Resource

  • How is the current cultural climate forcing the “mushy middle” out of the church? Question and Answer

    Churches used to be able to say to unbelievers, “You can gain a bit of social capital by coming to join with us. There’s some value added to your life if you come and join with us. If you just come and be with us, we’ll add meaning and spirituality to your life in a non-threatening way.” But in the hardening secularization that we’re now experiencing, people are going to pay social capital to hang around with anyone who believes the gospel of Jesus Christ. They’re going to forfeit social capital. They’re going to run a risk for being members … View Resource