• Warnings That Call Us to Faithfulness Media Resource by

    Deuteronomy 28

    In keeping with the theme of caution, Deuteronomy 28 focuses on blessings and curses. In this lecture, Dr. Godfrey will examine what these blessings and curses meant for Israel, what they mean for Christians, and how they hold significance for our eternal future. View Resource

  • Called to Believe & Obey Media Resource by

    Deuteronomy 8-10

    In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey examines the warnings to the nation of Israel in Deuteronomy 8–10, demonstrating the strong ties between the message of the Old Testament and that of the New Testament, and how those are applied in the church. Building on previous lectures, Dr. Godfrey will continue to explore themes of leadership, idolatry, and blessing. View Resource

  • The Wisdom of God Media Resource by

    Job 28

    The perplexing reality of pain and suffering makes us ask the question, “Where can wisdom be found?” In this lesson, Dr. Thomas recounts Job’s asking this question and his answer, “in the Lord.” View Resource

  • Homo Sapiens Media Resource by

    Proverbs 4:1

    In its third year as an academic institution, Reformation Bible College remains committed to providing an education governed by the wisdom of God revealed in Scripture. This session featuring Dr. Sinclair Ferguson is the address that is part of our third annual convocation service marking the beginning of another school year. He will address our calling to pursue wisdom, focusing on the Bible as the source of wisdom as well as our study of Scripture as our means of pursuing wisdom. View Resource

  • The Roll Call of the Faithful Media Resource by

    Hebrews 11:4-12

    Abel brought acceptable offerings to God. Noah built an ark to save his family from the coming flood, and Abraham moved from his homeland looking for a city that has foundations, whose designer and builder was God. What caused them to do those things? What causes you to live your life the way you live it? What guiding principle drives you everyday? In this message, R.C. Sproul takes us to the eleventh chapter of Hebrews to remind us of the essential element needed for a life of pleasing God. View Resource

  • Run the Race with Endurance Media Resource by

    Hebrews 11:13-39

    The Christian life is one of endurance. Yet sometimes, many times in fact, our faith wanes and weakens. What shall we do in those times? Scripture tells us to look to the author and perfector of our faith, Jesus. But is it unbiblical to look to others as well? Can we have so called “heroes” of the faith to look to for encouragement? In this message, R.C. Sproul returns again to the eleventh chapter of Hebrews to show us how we can strengthen our faith as we look to the lives of others gone before us. View Resource

  • What Is Faith? Media Resource by

    Hebrews 11:1-3

    How do you know that Christianity is true? Scripture tells us that we live by faith and not by sight. The book of Hebrews tells us that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Does that negate all historical evidences? What about miracles? Are you expected to live by blind faith? In this message, R.C. Sproul explains the difference between biblical faith and credulity and the proper place for history, miracles, and testimonies as reasons for faith. View Resource

  • Taking Captive New Media for the Church Media Resource by

    Titus 1:8

    Every day we communicate through various media. From the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press in the fifteenth century to the rise of the internet in the late twentieth century, throughout history societies have invented new forms of media in order to communicate more efficiently. As we approach the second decade of the twenty-first century we have witnessed the rise of numerous new media and have been left to fend for ourselves to figure out how to use it properly. This Pre-Conference is geared to help equip Christians, young and old, to think biblically about new media and how to use … View Resource

  • The Goal of Christian Living Media Resource by

    Matthew 6:33

    What is the Christian life all about? Jesus Christ summed it up in this one command: “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness” (Matt. 6:33). In this message, Dr. Sproul walks us through this statement line by line, helping us understand how to honor Christ and glorify God in our lives. View Resource

  • The Battle with the World Media Resource by

    John 17:11-17

    If you are a Christian then you are in a war, but not alone. Even better, you have Jesus Himself praying for you. But He is not praying for you to leave the battle. In fact, He calls you to it. One particular battle you must fight is against the world, and the weapons of the enemy are not conventional. Dr. Sproul explains to us what those weapons are as he prepares us for “The Battle with the World.” View Resource

  • The Goal of Christian Living Media Resource by

    Matthew 6:33

    Is the mere possession of faith all that we need to please God? With faith, come responsibilities. Do you have a plan? That is, what steps are you taking to direct your life that are honorable to the King? In this message, Dr. Sproul teaches us the importance of planning and endurance as we pursue the “Goal of Christian Living.” View Resource

  • Whatever Happened to Worldliness? Media Resource by

    1 John 2:15-17

    This lecture will explore the strange contrast between the Bible’s warnings against worldliness, and the churches comparative unconcern. Why don’t we preach against this anymore, and do we even know what it is? The lecture should inform the listener that this is a serious issue, and one we cannot safely ignore. View Resource

  • Believes & Hopes Media Resource by

    1 Corinthians 13:7

    Does biblical love require us to be naïve? Is it truly virtuous to believe all things? How much trust is too much? In “Believes and Hopes,” Dr. Sproul explores two more facets of love as he helps us understand more about the nature of biblical love and its requirements. View Resource

  • Growing Up in Love Media Resource by

    1 Corinthians 13:11-13

    How can a child leave childish ways behind and remain a child? Scripture says it can be done. In this message, Dr. Sproul explains what it means to put away childish things as we are “Growing Up in Love.” View Resource

  • Not Rude or Selfish Media Resource by

    1 Corinthians 13:5

    Do you consider yourself to be a generous person? Perhaps your generosity is a reflection of your selfishness. As Dr. Sproul continues to look at the topic of love, he considers the more common and subtle manifestations of what love is not, in this message entitled “Not Rude or Selfish.” View Resource