• The Sins of Idle People Devotional

    2 Thessalonians 3:11-12

    We do not have to become respected preachers, notable heads of state, or scientists who make history-changing discoveries in order to live noble lives that honor God. Instead, we need only to engage in lawful work no matter what vocation we have been given. A quiet life of dignified labor is honoring to God, and He will not overlook it. View Resource

  • Working and Eating Devotional

    2 Thessalonians 3:10

    Christians are to be kind and compassionate, helping those who are truly in need. At the same time, the church is no place of charity for the idle. We must seek to wisely assist those who cannot support themselves, especially fellow church members, but we cannot be enablers of those who can work but do not want to do so. As we give of our time and money to help others, let us seek to do so wisely, helping only those who are truly in need. View Resource

  • A Warning against Idleness Devotional

    2 Thessalonians 3:6-9

    Many people want to work but are unable to do so because of illness, disability, or other things outside their control. Others are unable to work because they cannot find employment even though they are trying. Still others are able-bodied but refuse to support themselves even when they can find a job. The last group is not living according to Christ’s command. Let us take care not to be numbered among them. View Resource

  • Escaping a Conspiracy Devotional

    Nehemiah 6

    Not everyone who expresses a desire for our welfare intends good for us. Thus, we must take great care in whom we choose to be our friends and be wise when people who once seemed to hate us suddenly appear ready to help us. At the same time, we should not cultivate a suspicious attitude toward everyone. We should believe the best about people, especially in the body of Christ, until they give us good reason to believe otherwise. View Resource

  • Nehemiah Rescues the Poor Devotional

    Nehemiah 5

    God’s law is given to redeemed people as a delight (Ps. 119:97). When people use the law to put burdens on us that cannot be fulfilled, the law is being used improperly. Nehemiah worked to apply the law properly and ease the burden on the poor, as the law was intended to do. This took great wisdom, and we will be able to apply the law properly only if we seek God’s wisdom and study the law carefully for its intent and right application. View Resource

  • Josiah’s Passover Devotional

    2 Chronicles 35:1–19

    We should not discount the real trials that we face or pretend that things on this side of glory are better than they really are. That does not mean, however, that we should practice an austere religion devoid of all joy. God wants us to celebrate His great acts of salvation and to do so with great measure. When we have opportunity to celebrate God’s salvation, let us do so joyfully. View Resource

  • A Gentle King Devotional

    Matthew 11:27-30

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  • Watch Who You Imitate Devotional

    1 Thesaslonians 1:6

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  • Jehu Anointed King-of Israel Devotional

    2 Kings 9:1–13

    Dr. R.C. Sproul frequently observed that believing in God is easy but believing God is much harder. It is difficult to continue trusting in God’s promises, for so often the Lord seems to delay their fulfillment. This is especially true of His promise to set all things right and to destroy all His and our enemies. But just as the Lord fulfilled His promise to end Ahab’s line, so will He fulfill His promise to consummate His kingdom. What seems to be a delay is not a denial. View Resource

  • Jehoshaphat’s Successes Devotional

    2 Chronicles 17

    It takes wisdom to choose the right associations. While we want to be as generous and open as possible, we cannot be spiritually united with those who profess faith in Christ and yet jettison key tenets of orthodoxy. We cannot pursue peace at the expense of truth. Let us pray for wisdom and for the courage never to spiritually align ourselves with idolaters who claim the name of Christ in a way that might make others think that their aberrant views are true. View Resource

  • From Elah to Ahab Devotional

    1 Kings 16:8-34

    Becoming a successful leader, attaining a high position in one’s career, gaining wealth—none of these things is inherently bad. But all of them are ultimately worthless if a person does not trust in the Lord. True success in the eyes of God is measured by our faithfulness to Him. Let us seek before and above everything else to be faithful to the Lord. View Resource

  • The Most Precious Recipe Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:13

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  • Solomon’s Great Wisdom Devotional

    1 Kings 3

    When Solomon asked God for wisdom, the Lord answered his prayer. But God desires to give wisdom not only to His kings but to all of His people. If we ask for wisdom in faith, believing God’s promise to give it to us, our Lord will generously dispense the wisdom we need (James 1:6–8). View Resource

  • Living Sacrifices to the Lord Devotional

    Romans 12:1–2

    Since we are to be living sacrifices, we are to offer to the Lord everything that we have and everything that we are. God wants all of us, so no area of our life is outside of His lordship. We should be daily seeking to offer Him our entire selves to be used for His glory and for the growth of His kingdom. View Resource

  • Solomon Anointed King Devotional

    1 Kings 1:28–53

    James 4:17 tells us that when we know the right thing to do and fail to do it, we have sinned. Sometimes it can be hard to do the right thing, but failing to do the right thing because of potentially negative consequences does not absolve us of guilt if we fail to act. We need not wait for a special sign to do the right thing. It is always the right time to obey the Lord. View Resource