• A Minister of the Gospel Media Resource by

    At a young age—no later than nineteen—Jonathan Edwards sat down to write his resolutions. He would eventually produce seventy resolutions, a large number, to be sure. Yet, the penning of resolutions was not anomalous in Edwards’ era. Benjamin Franklin, for instance, also composed his own list, although he limited his resolutions to thirteen. Educated men and women undertook this task to promote self-contemplation and the cultivation of character. The defining feature of Edwards’ resolutions, however, involves the ability to keep them. Whereas most men, Franklin among them, followed the ideals of the Enlightenment, believing themselves masters of their own … View Resource

  • The Conflict at Northampton Media Resource by

    Jonathan Edwards was no stranger to controversy. Although admired and cherished around the globe for his preaching and contribution to the Great Awakening, his own congregation in Northampton, Massachusetts, opposed and removed him from the pulpit unjustly. Many men would have succumbed to bitterness over the controversy in which Edwards was embroiled, but he demonstrated his love for the Lord and His people by agreeing to preach at this same congregation while they searched for a new minister. Edwards desired that the love of God flowing forth from Him and filling heaven would burst forth onto the earth, even into … View Resource

  • His Big Idea Media Resource by

    Jonathan Edwards is often portrayed as a disgruntled, unhappy figure concerned only about judgment and doom. With titles for his works such as Original Sin and “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” what more should we expect? As a matter of fact, the opposite is true of Edwards. We would be hard pressed to find another theologian so full of joy, so delighted in the goodness and bountiful provision of His Lord. Edwards was enraptured with the beauty and wonder of God’s blessings, and he relished the sweetness of God’s greatest gift to His people: Himself. Edwards understood … View Resource

  • The Great Awakening Media Resource by

    The Puritans are encumbered by a caricature of strictness and dourness in our day and age. Their mention calls forth images of judgment, wrath, and superstition, and almost without doubt people look to Jonathan Edwards’ sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” as the paradigm of this group’s sentiment. Sadly, this caricature fails to do justice to Edwards and the Puritans, as it captures only a small part of the gospel they preached. Edwards and his Puritan contemporaries knew well the condemnation promised by God for disobedience, but they knew it in light of the great promise … View Resource

  • The Missionary Media Resource by

    Jonathan Edwards died at the age of fifty-five. Although not young, relative to our era it seems premature. What might his mind have produced if he possessed even a few more years on this earth? Edwards would probably have never entertained this thread of thought. He understood that God’s providence never fails to accomplish its task perfectly and to completion. God had other plans for Edwards, and none of them went awry. On the contrary, He demonstrated his faithfulness to this man and his family despite the tragic conditions under which they died. He brought them home to heaven, where … View Resource

  • His Early Life Media Resource by

    Human beings tend to romanticize and idealize the lives of those individuals we admire, particularly those that lived in an era far removed from ourselves. We smooth out a wrinkle here, turn a blind eye to an episode there, and, poof, an impeccable figure emerges from a charmed existence. The great American theologian Jonathan Edwards has not escaped this idealizing. Yet, a full understanding of his theology and the decisions he made demands a realistic examination of his life, from beginning to end. Dr. Stephen Nichols takes us through the life of Edwards in this study, illuminating the details … View Resource

  • Indulgence Controversy Media Resource by

    Theological disputation occurs frequently within the confines of the church. At times, differences among brothers and sisters in Christ lead to divisive splits and even animosity, which generally burgeons on account of poor behavior and a less than gentle spirit. In today’s lesson, we witness the watershed moment from which the Protestant Reformation would flow. Nonetheless, we see Martin Luther expressing his contention with the marketing techniques of Johannes Tetzel in a humble manner. Contrary to popular belief, Luther did not rail bombastically against the Roman church upon hearing about the selling of indulgences, but he desired to address the … View Resource

  • Progress to Worms Media Resource by

    Persecution has existed among the people of God since the beginning of time, most notably with the murder of Abel at the hands of his brother Cain. This suffering does not occur randomly or without reason, but men and women take stands for their God under His sovereign ordination and for His glory. Martin Luther faced trials of this nature many times during his monastic life, but it all came to a crescendo at the Diet of Worms. His response and faith in the face of opposition demonstrates the truth of God’s assertion that He will never present before us … View Resource

  • From Luther to the Lightning Bolt Media Resource by

    Protestants around the world today celebrate their distinction from the Roman Catholic Church proudly and regularly. Yet, how many actually know the history behind their separation? The old adage “you can’t know where you are going until you know from where you came” may not ring true in every situation, but the sorrowful state of biblical orthodoxy in Protestant churches today demonstrates the value of this old proverb. The events culminating in the Reformation of the sixteenth century occurred in response to the dilapidated treatment and understanding of God’s Word extant in the Roman Catholic Church. In the first lecture … View Resource

  • Athanasius Media Resource by

    During the fourth century, a battle raged over the deity of Jesus Christ. If you were placed in this battle, how far would you go to ensure that the world knew that Jesus was no mere man? In this message, Dr. Sproul introduces us to Athanasius—a man who was willing to risk it all for the sake of the Truth. View Resource

  • Augustine Media Resource by

    Is there any hope for the wayward son? What profit is there in a mother’s prayers? Dr. Sproul shows us the answers to these questions as he takes us back to the fourth century to meet a young man whose less than virtuous lifestyle came to an abrupt end with the reading of Scripture. This may sound like the testimony of someone you know, but the rest of the story is far less than ordinary. View Resource

  • John Calvin Media Resource by

    Is there anyone in Christian history who you would consider to be a hero? Dr. Sproul considers John Calvin a hero of the Christian faith. Find out why, as Dr. Sproul introduces us to this great saint of the church, and dispels some misconceptions you may have about him. View Resource

  • Jonathan Edwards Media Resource by

    So very often, popular media and modern academia portray the preachers of early America as hell, fire, and brimstone, Bible-thumping simpletons who had no knowledge outside their religious convictions. But those who are committed to embracing that caricature have never been properly introduced to Jonathan Edwards. Who is this early American preacher? What did he contribute to the church that we can benefit from today? In this message, Dr. Sproul introduces us to the man who has been acclaimed as the greatest intellect ever produced on American soil—Jonathan Edwards. View Resource

  • Martin Luther (Part 1) Media Resource by

    Our Lord has not left His church without leaders to point us back to the great truths of God revealed in Scripture. Seven of these men are held in especially high esteem because of their witness at critical points in church history. Dr. R.C. Sproul explores the lives of these men, showing us how they model integrity to a world bereft of true heroes. View Resource

  • Martin Luther (Part 2) Media Resource by

    Our Lord has not left His church without leaders to point us back to the great truths of God revealed in Scripture. Seven of these men are held in especially high esteem because of their witness at critical points in church history. Dr. R.C. Sproul explores the lives of these men, showing us how they model integrity to a world bereft of true heroes. View Resource